NRO is unacceptable to majority of Pakistanis: Survey

Karachi, Oct 8 : A majority of Pakistanis believe that the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) is unacceptable and former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto must fight cases filed against her previously, a survey done by a Pakistani daily has revealed.

"The people should have the right decide whether Benazir should come to Pakistan or not, and whether she should be tried for her cases – the government does not have the right to make these decisions," said Usman Arif, a banker.

A Pakistani student in Finland, echoed similar views.

"I am very pleased to see her return, if she stands trial for all the cases against her and disproves them in court," he said.

Others equated Benazir’s return to her homecoming in 1988 after General Ziaul Haq’s death, the Daily Times reported.

"The US has a big role in getting her back, probably much along the lines of her return to Pakistan after 1988," said Saad Asad.

Many of the industrial workers of the city were unaware of the ordinance and a few who were aware of it said that the NRO was not fair, and that Benazir should stand trial for the cases.

‘If any of us commits even a minor offence, we are dragged off to jail. Why is she being pardoned? This is not fair,’ they said.

A few, however, think that the deal after the promulgation of the NRO would not last for long time.

"The NRO will be broken in the next six months and Bhutto will either be sent to prison, or deported," offered Ali Ansari, a banker.

Even supporters of President Pervez Musharraf find the NRO unacceptable.

"I don’t see any place for Bhutto in this country," said Imtiaz Noor, who works with business development.

"President Musharraf could have stayed in power even without the ordinance. Bhutto is going to be a waste of our time," Noor added. (ANI)