Mystery of missing Malaysia plane growing

Malaysia Airlines flight 370The mystery of the missing Malaysia Flight 370 is growing, and experts believe that it will be next to impossible to find the debris of the plane once batteries of its black box run out.

The Malaysian Airlines plane has been missing since early hours of March 8, and the batteries in a plane's black box normally expire in around 30 days. As only a few days are felt in the expiry of the black box's batteries, it will likely become almost impossible for investigators to find the debris.

Former Australian defense minister Angus Houston admitted that the ongoing search for the plane is most challenging search he had ever witnessed in his life. He explained that the starting point for a search is normally the last known position of a plane, but it this case the last known position of the plane was a far away from where the plane appears to have vanished.

Speaking about the complex nature of the search, he said, "In this particular case, the last known position was a long, long way from where the aircraft appears to have gone. It's very complex; it's very demanding."

Ongoing investigation has confirmed that the plane had made a sharp left turn, away from its scheduled flight path to Beijing, back in the direction of the Malay Peninsula.

However, Australian Prime minister Tony Abbott has confirmed that he was not going to put any time limit on the ongoing search. He vowed to solve the mystery, if it is really solvable.

Meanwhile, Malaysian government has released the full transcript of radio communications between the missing plane's pilots and air traffic controllers, and reiterated that the last communication showed that everything was normal before the plane vanished on March 8.