Muttukadu Boat House near Chennai offers an unforgettable joy

Muttukadu Boat House near ChennaiChennai, Jan. 29: Located 36 kilometers off Chennai, Muttukadu Boat House is an unusual spot in backwaters for tourists and holidaying families.

Also, Muttukadu is a paradise for anglers since prawns and jelly fish are in abundance here. For those who relish seafood being here could prove to be a memorable experience.

Hundreds of holiday-makers visit Muttukadu Boat House daily to enjoy boat rides. It costs just rupees 50 per person for a three kilometer ride around the vast expanse of water that may be of 45 minutes duration.

Developed by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation (TTDC), Muttukadu Boat House captivates a large number of domestic as well as international tourists and especially the honeymooners visiting South India.

"This particular boat house is really very great and we have enjoyed here a lot. We have never enjoyed before like this anywhere else. In Bangalore, we don't have any such big lake over there but this was a great experience," said Pranamya, a tourist from Bangalore.

The backwaters at Muttukadu are also favourable for a couple of adventure water sports like wind-surfing. Last year, in July, four 8-seater speed boats were inducted here.

The State tourism department TTDC has deployed a fleet of 25 boats that are motor-operated as well as the oaring ones for tourists.

"This is the Muttukudu boat house and it has been an extremely good experience for us. This is the first time that I am actually boating. I want to come back to Chennai only for this," said Vaishnavi, another tourist from Mangalore (Karnataka).

What thrills the visitors the most is the stunning effects caused by a rocking bridge over the backwaters. Every year a windsurfing regatta is organised in Muttukadu in February.

Apart from regular competitions, training camps for passionate water sports lovers are some of the other features that make this place an unforgettable pleasure. (ANI)

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