Meet the Oz golfer who fired 'unbelievable' hole-in-one albatross

Sydney, Feb 05 : Australian golfer Richard Green has achieved a rare feat in the history of the sport after hitting a remarkable hole-in-one albatross through a bunker at the Victorian Open, which has grabbed the attention of golf fanatics around the globe.

Green, who is ranked 193rd, has been the talk of the golfing world after footage of him firing a remarkable hole-in-one albatross on the 15th at the Victorian Open pro went viral, Fox Sports reported.

Describing the shot as 'improbable as holes-in-one get', sports writer for CBS Sport, Kyle Porter said that the only unfortunate part was that he and his group were too far away to watch it go in.

Alex Myers, writing for Golf Digest in the US, said that Green would no longer be known as the player who won three European events or finished in a tie for fourth at the 2007 British Open, the report added. (ANI)