Madhesi-Koirala Government talks collapse

Girija Prasad KoiralaKathmandu, Feb. 27 : A leader of the Madhesis in Nepal has said that talks with the coalition government headed by Prime MInister G. P. Koirala have collapsed.

Rajendra Mahato told reporters here that his Madhesi Front would carry on its general strike in the south of Nepal, which has strangled fuel supplies nation-wide.

According to the BBC, the Madhesis form roughly a third of Nepal's population, and they are now demanding rights after years of neglect.

Mahato claimed that Kathmandu had shown "no interest" in making concessions on Madhesi demands.

These include asking for their own state within Nepal, with the right to self-determination.

Another Madhesi official said the talks had "collapsed" and described the government as "irresponsible".

Government ministers could not be reached for comment. (ANI)

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