Louse Infection May Help Prevent Asthma & Allergic Reactions

Louse Infection May Help Prevent Asthma & Allergic ReactionsA new study has disclosed that louse infection can lower one’s risk of having respiratory disorder like asthma and allergic reactions by inhibiting the immune system.

Lots of health troubles in human beings occurred due to over-active immune responses. The immune system should be capable of telling the difference between alien invaders and its own body cells.

The study researchers said that a few parasites may exert a moderating effect on the working of a key factor of the immune system that could help lessen overall immune responsiveness and the threat of developing immune dysfunctions.

Their study links up the louse polyplax serrata to a strong dampening of certain immune responses in wild mice.

The researchers speculate that the louse is capable of exerting some sort of immuno-suppressive effect, perhaps by directly releasing some substance into the mice from its spittle, or indirectly by transmitting bacteria or other pathogens.

These results of the study were published in the open access journal BMC Biology.