Leonardo DiCaprio to Stop Fossil Fuel Investments

The ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ star Leonardo DiCaprio is all set to join a campaign against global warming, while shedding his personal investments in fossil fuels, an activist group announced on Tuesday.

DiCaprio is learnt to have joined Divest-Invest Coalition. In the crusade against global warming, experts said, traditional energy producers are being convinced enough to cut down heat. Certain industrial players, however, have been terming the campaign as less focused and significant.

The campaign that saw hundreds of college students voicing concerns over fossil fuel holdings, in 2011, has come a long way in inspiring the market players to invest more in renewable energy resources.

In fact, several foundations, pension funds, insurance companies, state and local governments have come forward to pledge for reduction of fossil fuel investments.

The number of participants in the campaign has swelled by 50 % since last year. The volunteers of the coalition had promised the United Nations that the number will increase 3 times soon.

"Clearly, our movement is growing faster than expected. Over 430 institutions and 2,000 individuals have signed on, compared to about 180 institutions and 650 people a year ago," said May Boeve, the executive director of 350.org, an anti-global-warming group.

Boeve added that, however, it was not yet clear that how the growth will bring in monetary gains.

Inspired by the actor, Dicaprio, a number of energy companies have recently announced divestment from carbon emissions.