Lenovo reveals latest Y series IdeaPad laptops

Lenovo reveals latest Y series IdeaPad laptopsSignaling the first flourish of laptop announcements for this week's Consumer Electronics show, Lenovo, having pooled its resources in the quest of thinner and lighter laptops, announced some new models of IdeaPad, aimed at strengthening its consumer line.

In order to target the conventional section, the latest Y series includes the manufacture's first 16-inch widescreen laptop - the IdeaPad Y650. Two other smaller and lighter laptop options included the 15.6-inch Y550 and the 14-inch Y450, along with an enhanced software treatment for the delightful netbook - the IdeaPad S10. While Y650 is expected in February, the other two will come in March.

All the three laptops in the new series will have a similar design - the lid having a black, "interlocked hexagon pattern," and the lid's perimeter having a copper accents. The screens of the laptops have a touch-sensitive slide bar above them, which acts as an app-switcher. The touchpad also supports image zooming and other Mac-like multi-touch gestures.

Though the physical screen appears unusual at a glance, Lenovo promises an incomparable high-definition and multimedia experience. The weights of the new IdeaPad laptops vary interestingly - the one with the 16-inch screen, Y650, weighs 5.6 lbs, while the 15.6-inch Y550 is heavier at 6.1 lbs; the smallest, the Y450 weighs 4.6 pounds.

With the 16:9 displays on all three laptops, multimedia use is an indicative factor, as is the Dolby Home Theater Surround Sound branded audio. A quick launch button - to start a software app called the OneKey Theater - helps in accessing both audio as well as video settings.

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