Leading candidate says no to Hungarian prime minister's job

Leading candidate says no to Hungarian prime minister's job Budapest - Gyorgy Suranyi said on Thursday that he should not be considered a candidate for Hungary's prime minister.

In an interview in Brussels, the 55-year-old region head of Italian banking group Intesa SanPaolo told the Hungarian daily newspaper Nepszabadsag that it was clear he did not have the backing of all political parties.

The governing Socialist Party and the small opposition Free Democrats agreed on Suranyi and had the necessary parliamentary majority. However, Suranyi made it clear from the start that he would only accept the post if he enjoyed full cross-party support.

Hungary's main opposition party, the centre-right Fidesz, is refusing point blank to cooperate in Gyurcsany's plan to install an interim government to manage the country's financial crisis until the next scheduled election in spring 2010.

Fidesz, which has a commanding lead in opinion polls, insists that early elections are the only solution to Hungary's political deadlock.

Speculation has been rife over who will head a new Hungarian government after the incumbent, Ferenc Gyurcsany, announced on Saturday that he would stand down. (dpa)