Kia EV9 hits U.S. roads as EV sales double in November 2023

Kia EV9 hits U.S. roads as EV sales double in November 2023

Amidst a wave of unprecedented success, Kia America proudly has declared a new milestone that it achieved by more than doubling its sales of all-electric EV6 in November 2023. After surpassing all prior records, the American arm of South Korea-based automaker Kia Corporation boasted an impressive 58,338 vehicle sales, marking a 2.9 per cent increase year-over-year. Continuing its upward trajectory in the automotive market, the brand’s year-to-date (YTD) sales figure jumped to a staggering 722,176 units, marking a substantial 14 per cent increase over the corresponding period of last year.

A review of the company’s yearly performance revealed that the Kia EV6 attracted more than 17,600 buyers in the U.S. alone. While the figure seems to be quite big, it exhibits a marginal decline of around 9 per cent year-over-year. The decline was primarily due to a slower first half of the year.

Growing on the electric front, Kia America reported a remarkable 120 per cent year-over-year jump in its total all-electric vehicle (BEV) sales. Unfortunately, the company didn’t release precise figures. The inclusion of the Kia Niro EV with its internal combustion engine counterpart makes the data somewhat confusing but extrapolating from past Niro EV sales data suggests that more than 1,100 units were sold last month, potentially pushing the total BEV volume to more than 2,400 units.

Further insights reveal that the Kia Niro EV's robust performance, with sales around 10,000 units through October, will likely take the total BEV volume to more than 28,000 units post-November.

Eric Watson, Vice President of Sales Operations at Kia America, expressed confidence in the company’s soaring success, and emphasized that the brand continues to enjoy widespread appeal and unprecedented expansion in its electric lineup.

Speaking on the topic, Watson added, “New customers are shopping Kia like never before and our retailers are selling more vehicles than ever, and with the groundbreaking EV9 SUV arriving shortly in showrooms and the updated Sorento SUV on the way, we anticipate Kia’s winning streak will extend well into the new year.”

Reflecting on the past, Kia America’s EV sales so far this year amassed over 28,700 units. This figure includes 20,498 units of the EV6 and 8,209 of the Niro EV, setting a new benchmark. With the current growth trajectory, the current year of 2023 is poised to surpass the previous year in terms of EV sales, potentially exceeding 30,000 units.

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