Iran successfully sends monkey to space, returns safely

Iran successfully sends monkey to space, returns safelyAuthorities in the Islamic republic of Iran have successfully sent a live monkey into space and have returned it safety back to earth.

The country's state controlled media reported that country's space agency sent the monkey 75 miles or 120 km above the Earth in a Kavoshgar rocket capsule named Pishgam. The report also said that the capsule was brought back safely to the Earth and the monkey was alive after its flight into the space.

The media showed pictures of a grey-tufted monkey strapped into a chair that was placed inside the capsule. The location of the rocket launch was not announced by the officials through the media. The launch is to coincide with the celebrations to mark the anniversary of the 1979 revolution. Iran often shows off its latest technological capabilities at this time of the year.

Many suspect that country could use the rocket technology to build rockets that can carry nuclear warheads. The government maintains that it is not aiming to develop nuclear weapons. However, Israel, several European nations and the US accuse Iran of covertly trying to develop nuclear weapons and have placed severe sanctions on the country that has crippled its economy.