Iran releases Indian oil tanker

Iran releases Indian oil tankerIranian authorities on Thursday finally ordered the release of Indian oil tanker MV Desh Shanti, which was in Iran's detention since 12th of August this year.

Iran had detained the oil tanker, which belongs to Shipping Corporation of India (SCI), in the Persian Gulf for allegedly polluting the environment.

Director General Nima Pourang, of Iran's maritime pollution affairs, said that they detained the Indian tanker after it discharged its oily ballast water near the country's Lavan Island, causing a miles-long oil slick on the sea water.

Sources revealed that Iranian authorities released the oil tanker after its captain pledged that India would pay the damages in case the tanker was found guilty of oil leakage.

The sources said, "Orders for releasing the ship have been passed after the master of the ship - captain gave an undertaking that if they are found guilty in a court of law for leakage of oil spillage, India will pay the damages."

India's foreign secretary Sujatha Singh had summoned Iran's Ambassador to India Gholamreza Ansari and lodged a strong protest over the seizer of the oil tanker by the Iranian authorities. The detentions had threatened to destabilize the relations between the two countries.