Iran anhilates US, but only on the wrestling mat!

Tehran, Mar. 13: Iran beat the United States in a wrestling competition in Tehran on Thursday, the same day President Obama announced that the U. S. is extending sanctions against that nation for one more year.

Six U. S. wrestlers participated in the two-day Takhti Cup at Tehran's Azadi (Freedom) sports complex, along with athletes from Cuba, Turkey and other nations.

The Iranians took ten of the competition's twelve medals.

"We made some pretty critical mistakes," U. S. head coach Zeke Jones.

"It is always a wonderful opportunity to compete with the Iranians. They are such a great wrestling country. It is one of the best tournaments in the world," he added.

About 20 American wrestlers participated in the competition in 2007. Since 2006, 75 Iranians athletes have been to the United States in an exchange program. (ANI)