iPhone 6S Finally Available To Customers

Gadget lovers or the entire world has been eyeing Apple’s new handsets i.e. iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus and now the tech giant has finally unveiled the new iPhones and has finally made it available to public.

This year’s release is the second generation to feature the 4.7-in and 5.5-in displays. As per gadget experts these new handsets are slightly larger and heavier, but look very similar to their predecessors.

This year the company has launched a new color for the iPhones i.e. the ‘Rose Gold’ color. Apart from their appearance, the iPhone 6S models are very different from the once previously launched by the company.

The company in the new models has used of a new 7000 Series aluminum alloy to help create a sturdier, less bendable casing to updated cameras, a faster Touch ID system, and pressure-sensitive multitouch display.

Apple has said that it hopes that early sale of its new handsets will break past records. They said that the new iPhonesare faster due to the improvements in custom-built A9 processor and the increase from 1GB of internal memory to 2GB.

Apple says the new chip is 70% faster than last year's, and graphics are 90% faster. It certainly feels like it in routine use. The pressure-sensitive display, one of the real advances in this year's models is supported by clever software built into iOS 9, which allowed Apple to introduce 3D Touch.

Apart from usual swiping and tapping on the screen there is much more in this year’s handsets. A light press brings up one set of options; a firmer press ‘Pop’ opens even more options.