Indian employees safe after tragedy in Japan

There has been a great tragedy in Japan which is caused by the massive earthquake following tsunami. Number of Indian companies has large businesses all over the Japan. After this havoc, some of the Indian companies have issued statements on the status of their employees and offices in Japan.

It has been stated by the Technology giant Infosys that after the huge earthquake of 8.9 magnitude and resultant Tsunami in Japan they are pleased to inform that all their employees in Japan are safe.

Infosys has a facility in in Tokyo and has several employees in the cities of Fukuoka and Nagoya. Their local teams in these cities are supplying the necessary needs of the employees at this time.

Infosys had started its first Japanese operations in the year 1996 and after one year it opened its office in Tokyo in 1997. In current times they have more than 250 employees (including deputed employees) in Japan.

IT major Wipro has confirmed that all their employees are safely evacuated and there has been no major harm to their facilities. The important and emergency procedures have been activated and they are trying to handle the entire situation.