Indian e-mobility pioneer Abzo reveals all-electric VS01 electric cruiser

Indian e-mobility pioneer Abzo reveals all-electric VS01 electric cruiser

Indian e-mobility startup Abzo recently sparked excitement with the dazzling debut of its VS01 electric cruiser, igniting a new era of electrifying rides for those who wants to cruise in style and eco-conscious luxury.

The Abzo VS01, the brand’s first production model, boasts an impressive powertrain supported by a 72V 70Ah lithium-ion battery pack that promises a substantial driving range of 112.5 miles (approx. 180 km) on a full charge. Recharging the battery pack takes only around 3 hours and 20 minutes.

The battery supplies energy to a rear hub motor that is capable of producing a robust 8.4 horsepower (hp) and 133 pound-feet (190 N.m.) of torque. The emissions-free mobility solution offers an array of ride modes, including Eco, Normal, and Sport, which will enable the rider to choose a performance mode that suits his/her requirements. Additionally, the EV incorporates regenerative braking technology to augment the overall range.

Safety remains the top concern for the Abzo VS01, which is evident in the electric two-wheeler’s meticulous design. It comes equipped with disc brakes on the front as well as rear wheels to make sure reliable and responsive braking performance. Taking safety to even higher level, the manufacturer equipped it with a combined braking system (CBS) to provide an additional layer of security during journeys. Other notable features of the electric cruiser include a convenient reverse mode, and easy parking in confined spaces & tight spots. In terms of ride comfort, the e-motorbike employs efficient suspension components, including standard telescopic front forks and a pair of rear shock absorbers that efficient enough to help smooth out even long journeys.

Ms. Kanchi Patel, Co-founder of Abzo, described e-bikes as the future of the automobile industry, and added that the company decided to manufacture the e-motorbike in the Indian state of Gujarat as the Western Indian state has emerged as a hub for manufacturing EVs.

Commenting on the launch of the new e-motorbike, Patel said, “We are extremely delighted to launch our first e-bike – VS01. Electric bikes are the future of the automobile industry and Gujarat is gradually emerging as a hub for manufacturing electric vehicles including both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. Therefore, our home ground Gujarat was a natural choice.”

Regarding pricing, the Abzo VS01 is available at an INR180,000 price point, approximately equivalent to US$2,175. For individuals with a fondness for greater features and personalized options, the lineup extends to INR222,000, or approximately US$2,650.

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