Indian car maker REVA to sell electric cars in Europe

Frankfurt  - Indian car maker REVA unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) two electric vehicles with the NXR hatchback to become available on the European market next year and the coupe NXG version to follow in 2011.

The hatchback NXR is listed with an impressive range of 160 kilometres and a top speed of 104 km/h. Using a 90-minute fast charge, the REVA NXR offers a range of 320 kilometres per day, according to a company press statement.

The NXG two-seater fitted with a targa top has a range of 200 kilometres and a top speed of 130 km/h. The fast charge extends the range to 400 kilometres per day.

Other features include keyless entry, dual charge ports, intelligent digital display and a "range anxiety" feature where a customer low on charge can telephone or SMS a customer support centre. An advanced telematics feature then assesses the batteries remotely and activates a reserve amount of an extra few kilometres so that the driver can continue to the next loading station.

Reva was one of the first electric car manufacturers at the Frankfurt Show to give details on pricing. The NXR will sell at around 15,000 euros (22,000 dollars) in Europe for the lithium-ion Intercity version, plus a monthly mobility fee for the batteries and other services.

The Reva NXR City version with lead acid batteries will be available for just under 10,000 euros (14,700 dollars). It has a range of 80 kilometres and a top speed of 80 km/h. The REVA NXG European price is 23,000 euros (33,800 dollars) excluding batteries. (dpa)