"India betrayed me", Girija Prasad Koirala laments

Nepal's India-born Prime Minister Girija Prasad KoiralaKathmandu, Feb. 21 : Nepal's India-born Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala has charged New Delhi with having betrayed him on the issue of the kidney scam that rocked India and the world earlier this month.

"I broke all the rules and regulations of my country to deport Dr. Amit Kumar to India…but I have been betrayed by the Indian establishment", The Telegraph Nepal quoted Koirala, as saying while drinking a glass of milk during breakfast on Monday.

Nepal's Finance Minister Ram Saran Mahat, Home Minister K. P. Sitaula, officials of the Prime Minister's private secretariat and some medical practitioners were present at the PM's official residence in Baluatar then.

Dr. Amit Kumar is the kingpin in the Kidney racket, recently arrested in Nepal, was allowed to go to India by PM Koirala without thinking even that the Indian criminal could well be tried in Nepal's competent courts for having violated some rules and the regulations of this land.

As per media reports, Koirala was under tremendous pressure from his "political mentors based in Delhi", first, allowing the entrance of the Indian intelligence officers in Nepal who later nabbed the kidney racketeer from the hands of the Nepal police force right from the TIA (Tribhuwan International Airport).

"They (Indian establishment) had promised me of solving the Terai dispute, if I hand him (Dr. Amit) over to them… the Terai Problem will never be solved", Koirala added.

"However, I will conduct the election even if I have to deploy the army in Terai", he concluded. (ANI)