Increasing popularity of Online Casino in India

Increasing popularity of Online Casino in India

Indians have been interested in betting on various sports events, playing cards and even on fights between animals from the times immemorial. While some of those practices have stopped in the recent times, new age of internet and fast mobile applications have given rise to online casinos, sports betting and other forms of entertainment for Indian consumers. The recent rise in the number of online casino operators in India is a proof of fast growing interest in the online betting and sports betting segment.

While the options for Indian bettors have increased in the recent years, choosing the best online casino isn’t easy. There are very few reliable platforms like Live Casino Plaza that offers a detailed review of live casinos in India. Bettors can review the free spins, extra cash and freebies on the platform and make an informed decision about which online casino is the best suitable for them.

Card games like Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, Rummy and Seep are quite popular among Indian bettors. The apps offer an easy to use interface. With faster data connectivity across the country, the online experience has improved a lot in the recent times. Many games are offered under live dealer platforms and this trend has been catching up among Indian bettors due to its immersive experience.

Many new operators have entered the Indian market in the recent years. While gambling isn’t allowed in many states across India, there isn’t any law that prohibits online casino operated by companies that aren’t domicile in India. The online casino operators are mainly headquartered in Europe or North America. Majority of these online casino operators are audited by reputable gaming control authorities in Europe or North America.

Bettors can review the conditions of the major casino operators and choose the ones that offer the best deal for the money. There are many real money online casinos that offer much better user interface, live dealers and additional casino bonus when bettors add money to their account. The detailed reviews about the offers from each of the casino are quite helpful in choosing the best possible options. Users can also check out the withdrawal options and customer support offered by different casino operators.

Betting on cricket matches has been one of the biggest illegal trades in India as majority of this trade has been managed by shady bookies. However, online sports betting platforms offer a safe and transparent option for people to try their luck and enjoy betting on their favorite sports events. Another segment that has been gaining ground in India is fantasy gaming and Dream11 has become one of the biggest startups in this segment.

As the online casino and sports betting segment in India is growing fast, bettors can expect even better services in near future. The option of trying your luck from the comfort of home is enticing for many bettors. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the focus has shifted to online services and online casino segment has been a major gainer in this regard.

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