IBM launches Project Big Green 2.0 in India

IBM announced the launch of the second phase of Project Big Green (PBG 2.0) in India. It is aimed to develop and encourage enterprises to use green technology infrastructure. IBM has also introduced new modular data centers to cut energy consumption by 50 per cent. These data centers include Portable Modular Data Center Data Center (PMDC), Enterprise Modular Data Center (EMDC), and High Density Zone (HDZ).  

The Portable Modular Data Center Data Center (PMDC) data centers will be formed with complete physical infrastructure including power and cooling systems and remote monitoring. EMDC is a class of enterprise which is standardized from 5,000 square feet up to 20,000 square feet set up. HDZ is a modular system use for cooling and power capability in existing data centers.  

IBM launched Project Big Green last year and now it is committed to spend I million USD to increase the level of energy efficiency in data centers across the glob. It had launched scalable modular data centre (SDMC) in the Indian market last year to full fill its ambitions. The current launch of data centers will be beneficial for large enterprises to small organizations.

Vice-President of Global Site & Facilities Services of IBM Corporation expressed satisfaction on the launch of second phase of Project Big Green (PBG 2.0) in India and said that India can, now, access most advanced green technologies and services for their data centers. IBM has signed pacts with various companies in India since the launch of project in last year.

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