I’m Proud To Be Indian, Says Sunita Williams

New Delhi: As the whole world celebrated the international non-violence day, Indian-American astronaut Sunita Williams also paid tribute to the ‘father of the nation’ on his 138th birth anniversary.

While addressing students in a school, Williams said, “Mahatma Gandhi was an incredible individual. His non-violence policy affects every sphere of our life. The whole world has to learn a lot from him.”

Williams said Gandhiji had always preached for peacefulness and nonviolent resistance, and she was proud to be part of a peaceful scientific space project.

Williams said that Mahatma Gandhi is her role model and she is proud to be part of a diplomatic space project. She also told that she took Indian traditions to space as her father came from India.

Remembering Kalpana Chawla, Williams stated that she was following the footsteps of the late Indian-American astronaut and they were plowing ahead with the uncompleted task of the Columbia group.

“I am following the footsteps of Kalpana Chawla.... the legacy of Kalpana.... we want to continue the legacy...,” she said.

Sunita sounded out that she would be happy to see Indian spacemen going to the space and asked the pupils to study subjects like science and mathematics.