Household Paints Contain Alarming Levels Of Lead – A Study Reports

New Delhi: Household paint samples taken from Delhi and Mumbai markets, are tested positive for presence of heavy metals’ high levels.

On Wednesday, a non-government organization “Toxics Link” released the study: “A Brush with Toxics: An Investigation on Lead in Household Paints in India.”

The study claims to have found high levels of lead in household paint samples. The samples were tested in as Indian laboratory as well as in New York Laboratory.

Out of the 31 enamel paint sample analyzed for lead concentration, 83.87 per cent had more than 600 parts per million (PPM) of lead and only 19.1 per cent had less than 600 PPM presence of the heavy metal.

The benchmark for acceptable levels of lead in paints is 1,000 PPM slated by the Bureau of Indian Standards, this is not only voluntary but optional as a part of Ecomark labeling.

Mr. Agarwal said, “We want the Government and the industry to take note of the issue of heavy metal toxicity in daily use products in earnest and make a strong policy intervention.”