Honda’s first next-generation EV will resemble concept closely: CEO Mibe

Honda’s first next-generation EV will resemble concept closely: CEO Mibe

Taking a big leap towards electrification, Japanese automobile brand Honda Motor Company unveiled two avant-garde electric vehicle (EV) concept cars at the recently held CES in Las Vegas, providing a glimpse into brand’s next-generation EV lineup. Amidst the stunning display of futuristic designs, Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe assured that the first next-generation EV will resemble the concept closely.

Seeking to clarify the transition from concept to reality during a press conference at the CES Las Vegas, CEO Mibe stated that the long, sleek concept, which known as the Saloon, would be the basis for a production model that is set to make debut in the U.S. sometime in the year of 2026, before expanding globally. While certain distinctive features, such as a captivating screen in place of a traditional grille and sizable gull-wing doors, may undergo modifications for practicality, the top executive assured that the production version would retain core design and essence of the Saloon concept.

Visually striking, the Honda Saloon diverges from the conservative three-box sedan design, presenting a singular form harking back to wedge-shaped passenger cars of the 1970s and 1980s, reminiscent of the Lamborghini Countach. The low roofline and aerodynamic silhouette of the concept car aim to enhance efficiency by trimming down drag, which is a critical consideration for electric vehicles (EVs) these days. In addition, the concept introduces a new Honda logo, signifying a fresh identity for the already world-renowned brand's ventures in the EV landscape.

The second electric concept vehicle showcased by the brand at the CES Las Vegas has been named the Space Hub. The automaker has not yet indicated any plans for bringing a production model based on this concept.

The Saloon is slated to spearhead the brand’s new lineup of battery-powered vehicles, designated as Honda 0. This lineup of vehicles is expected to incorporate pioneering technology, while ensuring faster charging and enhanced efficiency compared to existing EV standards. For the time being, details about the specific features of the new EV lineup remain limited, but anticipation is quite high that details will surface sooner than later.

As the automotive landscape keeps evolving, Honda's innovative approach aims to make a noteworthy contribution to a more efficient as well as sustainable future in the realm of electric mobility. In this regard, the introduction of the two battery-powered concepts signifies the brand’s commitment to advancing EV technology.