Himachal Government to Tibetans: Maintain peace

Prem Kumar DhumalChandigarh, Mar 19 : Exiled Tibetans holding anti-China protests in various parts of Himachal Pradesh (HP) have been told by Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal to maintain peace and not indulge in violence.

"I have been talking regularly with the Dalai Lama. The state government will not interfere if they are holding peaceful protests, but we want them to cooperate with us to maintain peace and not resort to any violence," Dhumal told reporters here.

"Tibetans came and settled in Dharamsala and parts of HP since 1960s with the consent of the Union Government. Moreover, it is not in our country's culture to ask anyone to leave as we treat our guests as Gods," Dhumal added.

Hundreds of Tibetans participated in a protest march from Macleodganj to Dharamsala on Sunday, raising anti-China slogans. Others took part in a sit-down demonstration outside a temple.

The Indian Government has expressed concern over developments in Lhasa.

The Tibetans are trying to revive their freedom movement ahead of the Beijing Olympics.

The anti-China march to Tibet commenced on March 10 as part of global protests to mark the 49th anniversary of an uprising against Chinese rule.

The Indian authorities have said Indian soil cannot be used for anti-China propaganda or protest. (ANI)

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