Hillary Clinton wants to make curing Alzheimer’s major issue for ones at disproportionate risk of developing it

In the US, deaths from Alzheimer’s have been exploding, and keeping in mind the same, Hillary Clinton is looking forward to make curing the disease a key issue for the women and minority voters facing a disproportionate risk of suffering from it.

On Tuesday, during her last campaign speech ahead of the Christmas holiday, Clinton has planned to call for a dramatic rise in federal spending to determine a cure for the sole death cause ranked in America’s top 10 that can’t be cured, prevented or slowed down, the campaign told USA TODAY.

As per a campaign official, who was not authorized to speak publicly before the announcement, the Democratic front-runner is going to recommend spending $2 billion every year as a move to cure the degenerative brain disease by 2025.

Robert Egge, executive director of the Alzheimer’s Impact Movement, whose advocates are leaning on all campaigns next year to take up the matter, said this was for the first time ever that Alzheimer’s has been made a main campaign issue by a presidential candidate. No specific plans have been offered by any of them. He said that Clinton's proposal ‘makes this a national conversation’.

Clinton is looking forward to purpose the same at a campaign stop in Fairfield, Iowa. Clinton held a conference call with researchers on Monday, where she emphasized the necessity of raising the profile of the disease.

Alzheimer’s deaths have gone up by 71%, while heart disease fatalities have declined 14% from 2000 to 2013. There is no known cure unlike cancer and heart attacks.

Alzheimer’s pioneer Rudolph Tanzi, said, “Alzheimer’s is the red-haired stepchild among the top diseases threatening the aging and our health care system”.