Green Energy Conference: Obama targets Critics of His Energy Policies

President Barack Obama, on Monday night at a green energy conference in Las Vegas, blamed the critics of his energy policies for attempting to limit the consumers from accessing solar power, wind power and other alternative energy sources.

During the speech at a green energy conference in Las Vegas, Obama mentioned that this is not the American way as it is focused on past versus the future whereas America believes in future.

He singled out billionaire brothers, who are major donors to Republican political candidates too, Charles and David Koch. He blamed them, along with ‘big fossil fuel interests’ and ‘conservative think tanks’ of ideological inconsistency. He said that they are the champions of free market solutions except when the free market boosts renewable energy.

The president said, “It's one thing if you're consistent in being free market. It's another thing when you're free market until it's solar that's working and people want to buy and suddenly you're not for it anymore. That's a problem”.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., who often targets the Koch brothers, hosted the annual energy conference. In Reid's speeches, Koch brothers were depicted as self-serving oil barons, the ones who pay a lot of money to try to buy elections and take forward their agenda of low taxes and less regulation at the cost of average Americans.

Obama also announced new executive actions and other efforts, initiatives focused at making investment in green energy easier for homeowners and businesses.