Google's Native Smart Lock Manager allows Users to store Passwords

Google has launched native Android Smart Lock password manager which will allow users to store passwords. According to the company, the Android Smart Lock could be a boon for users which will make signing into applications easier.

The Mountain View, California, headquartered Google launched the Smart Lock for Passwords at the I/O conference in San Francisco. The company announced that developers like Netflix, Orbitz and The New York Times have re-launched their applications to make use of the new feature.

In a developer's guide, the Chocolate Factory said that the feature allows users to automatically sign into their favorite application using the credentials that they have saved. To avail the facility, users have just to integrate the Smart Lock for Passwords into their Android application.

The company said, "Use the Credential API to rapidly on-board new users by partially completing your app's sign in or sign up form. Prompt users after sign-in or sign-up to store their credentials for future automatic authentication".

According to statement by Google, developers will be able store and retrieve usernames and passwords within the Smart Lock including merged identity provider credentials by making use of the Credential API.

With the launch of the native Android Smart Lock password manager, the technology company specialized in Internet-related services and products took itself into competition with open source password managers and with proprietary.

The company also revealed that it has extended its Chrome browser password manager which used to retrieve logins when a user visited websites in that browser. The company also made announcement during the conference about other initiatives to tighten security screws including the ability to approve or decline specific app permission requests. Smart Lock for Passwords is part of Google Play services 7.5.