With globalization, development has become complex

Indian Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee described loyal taxpayers as engines of economy. Speaking to Indian Revenue Services probationers, he insisted them to treat taxpayer as a client not as enemy.

He said, "The assessee is no longer considered an adversary; committed taxpayers are the engines of our economy and therefore important clients of Revenue Department".

Finance minister was addressing probationers at Parliament House Complex in New Delhi. He deemed that comfort zone of taxpayer should be considerably enhanced, while at the same time punishing serious offenders and evaders.

Probationers were gathered there to attend training on "appreciation of Parliamentary processes and procedures conducted by Bureau of Parliamentary Studies and Training. Mukherjee also explained newly coined terms like technological innovations, globalization and liberalization are not under individual's control, but are, for sure driven by individuals and market forces. He also asked officers to serve nation, their best. He explained future challenges before them. They need to analyze the challenge scientifically and regulate and guide them progressively.

He also said challenges for development have grown significantly and sustaining high levels of growth over a long period of time has become more complicated. He said that time has changed and with growing global influences on domestic markets has lead us to maximize use of our resource and make policies to serve India's greater political and economic interests.

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