Germany announces ban on Glyphosate by 2023

Germany announces ban on Glyphosate by 2023

Germany has announced its plan to ban use of glyphosate by year 2023 and the use will be limited before the ban will be implemented. In July this year, Austria also announced its plan to ban glyphosate. In France, majors for 20 municipalities have banned use of glyphosate, defying decision of French government to still allow use of Bayer’s glyphosate.

After the ban was announced by German government, Bayer has issued a statement saying that the company disagrees with German government’s decision. Bayer statement added, “Such a ban would ignore the overwhelming scientific assessments of competent authorities around the world that have determined for more than 40 years that glyphosate can be used safely.” Dow Agrosciences and BASF have been selling herbicides containing glyphosate under different brand names.

Herbicides based on glyphosate have been used all over the world. However, the chemical has been controversial and the company has faced multiple lawsuits in many countries.

Monsanto developed glyphosate and marketed the herbicide under brand name Roundup. After the patent expired, glyphosate has been used by many companies under different brand names as the herbicide is effective and easy to use. However, its use has been linked to serious health issues. In 2015, a WHO agency linked glyphosate to cancer.