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Yamaha develops FAZER R, an unmanned helicopter for agriculture sector

Iwata [Japan], Oct.11 : Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announced today that it has developed a new unmanned helicopter, the FAZER R. on sale from November 2016, this high-end industrial unmanned aircraft (commonly known as "drones") model is designed for the agricultural sector.

As it can carry a load of 32 liters of spray, the largest ever in Yamaha Motor's range of industrial-use unmanned helicopters (" unmanned helicopters"), the FAZER-R will have the ability to spray chemicals over four hectares of land without the need to reload or refuel, allowing significant increases in efficiency and labor saving for agricultural spraying.

Organic farming has registered improvement in Virginia: State Officials

Organic farming has registered improvement in Virginia: State Officials

Virginia agriculture officials reported that organic farming has increased in the state. The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services said that Virginia had 167 organic farms in 2014, which are up from 156 in 2008. Those farms generated $41.3 million in sales, which is more than double as compared to the $19.2 million in 2008.

Crop production contributed to 81% of the organic sale, 14% came from livestock and poultry products, including milk and eggs, and 5% belonged to livestock and poultry animals.

In 2015, the national organic standards have turned 15, and as the USDA program is approaching driving age, a new federal survey of the industry, the first since 2008, has shown a sector, booming in its adolescence.

Genetically Modified Organisms, controversy continues

Genetically Modified Organisms, controversy continues

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are a very controversial topic. When it comes to GMO's, people have different opinions. Some say that it's a very good thing and other say it is totally against what is right and the remaining have no idea regarding it.

Plants, animals or microorganisms that are modified by altering their DNA in such a way that would not have been possible naturally are called GMO's. In the method, specific genes are transferred from one organism to another or this could be done even between completely unrelated species.

System for Regulating Biotech Products to get Makeover

System for Regulating Biotech Products to get Makeover

A lot of debates and discussions are taking place over whether or not genetically modified (GMO) crops should be labeled. Amidst this discussion, the White House has asked the three US agencies taking care of biotech crops that they should improve their measures to strengthen public confidence in a system.

The instruction has come at a time when consumers, food-related organizations and businesses have been asking for stricter US rules for GMO crops. Biotech crops are handled by the three organizations - APHIS, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Protected water rights halted in California

Protected water rights halted in California

Richard and Danna Jones' cattle grazing pasture stayed green in the face of California's drought. This is as a result of water flowing from a gulch that was maintained by his grandfather in 1911.

On Friday, their nearly protected right to water was suspended by state regulators. They ordered them to stop using the water for their rural property east of Redding. Over 100 senior water rights holders are told for the first time in many years that major waterways in California's agriculture-rich Central Valley are not enough to meet demand.

Texas Poultry Stock probably at Increased Risk for Bird Flu

Texas Poultry Stock probably at Increased Risk for Bird Flu

Multiple cases of the infection along a common migratory pathway passing through the United States' center has posed an increased risk for bird flu to Texas poultry probably.

On Tuesday, the US Department of Agriculture confirmed the presence of a bird flu strain in poultry flock in Judith Basin County, Mont., and also in a commercial turkey flock in Beadle County, S. D. In March, the same strain was found in chicken and duck flock in Leavenworth, Kan.

These states are present along the Central Flyway, a way extending from Montana to Texas where wild birds migrate in each spring. It is said that these birds act as source of bird flu virus. Hon Ip, a U. S. Geological Survey virologist, was of the view that there is not much risk for Texas.

US Government Proposes New Definition of Farms

US Government Proposes New Definition of Farms

The U.S. Government is revising its definition of a farm. As per the new definition, some people who receive farm subsidies but do not carry out any sort of work would receive less government money.

Congress last year assigned the Agriculture Department a task of creating a new definition for what it means to be 'actively engaged' in farming, a criteria to receive subsidy.

USDA on Tuesday proposed that farms must document their managers and must put in 500 hours of substantial management work annually or 25% of the time necessary for the success of the farming operation to qualify.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said, "We want to make sure that farm program payments are going to the farmers and farm families that they are intended to help".

Budget Session: Farmers for more funds, adequate security to crops

Budget Session: Farmers for more funds, adequate security to crops

New Delhi, Feb 25 : Farmers of the country are hopeful of getting more funds and adequate insurance for their crops in the upcoming Budget to be presented to Parliament.

The farmers in Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir said that the successive governments have taken some policy decisions to improve the farm output but the benefits have failed to trickle down at the lower level.

"I want to appeal to the federal government that this time they should focus on farmers while preparing the budget. It should cover the insurance of the farmers and their families. It should also include risk coverage for the farmers because farmers suffer badly due to weather," said Sidhu Lal, a farmer.

Apple business grows in Himachal despite low production

appleShimla, Oct. 14 - Apple growers in Himachal Pradesh have all the reasons to celebrate as apple business in the state has gone up by Rs 1,000 crore this year, despite low production.

The local markets in Narkanda, Shimla, Dhali, Solan and Parwanoo in the state are particularly doing well, as the revenue generated has shot up to Rs 4,500 crore from Rs 3,500 crore last year.

Despite low apple production this year, the apple growers have no reason to complain due to the flourishing business. On an average, one box of apples costs about Rs 1,000 but this year the price has been varying from Rs 1,000 to 2,200 per box.

Govt gives nod to continue urea production from Naptha

Govt gives nod to continue urea production from NapthaNew Delhi : Government Wednesday approved continuation of production of urea from three plants using naptha as feedstock for a duration of three months ending on September 30.

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) Wednesday approved the continuation of production of urea from Madras Fertilizers Limited (MFL), Manglore Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd (MCFL) and Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation (SPIC), according to an official statement.

At present, only these three units are using Naptha as feedstock.

Indian agrochemical industry to reach USD7.5 bn by FY19: Report

Indian agrochemical industry to reach USD7.5 bn by FY19: ReportMumbai : Indian agrochemical industry is estimated at USD 4.25 billion in FY14 and is expected to grow at 12-13 percent per annum to reach USD 7.5 billion by FY'19, says a report.

"Indian crop protection industry is estimated at USD 4.25 billion in FY14 of which 50 percent are exports. The crop protection industry has experienced strong growth in the past and is expected to grow further at 12-13 percent per annum to reach USD 7.5 billion by FY2018-19.

RBI sees no big impact of weak monsoon on growth, farm output

RBI sees no big impact of weak monsoon on growth, farm outputMumbai : The impact of weak monsoon so far this year on India's farm production and economy is likely to be limited, the central bank said today, as rainfall levels have improved considerably over the past one month.

In its annual report for 2013-14 released Thursday, the RBI said even if the rainfall is normal in rest of the monsoon season (June to September), some deficiency will stay but it will not have a debilitating impact on the economy.

Tomato prices remain high at Rs 80/kg

TomatoNew Delhi: Tomato prices continue to remain high at Rs 80 per kg in retail markets of national capital region on short supplies.

In the wholesale market of Azadpur, tomato - a key kitchen ingriedent - is available at Rs 30-40 per kg depending on the quality.

At Mother Dairy's Safal outlets, tomatoes are being sold at Rs 56 per kg, but the local vendors are charging anything between Rs 70-80 per kg.

"The tomato prices are still ruling at Rs 56 per kg as supplies continue to remain under stress," Mother Dairy's Fruit and Vegetable Business Head Pradipta Sahoo told PTI when asked about the reason for spike in price of the commodity.

Amarinder seeks contingency plan for agriculture

Amarinder seeks contingency plan for agricultureAmritsar: Expressing concern over the drought-like situation prevailing in Punjab in view of "poor" monsoon, Congress Deputy Leader in Lok Sabha and Amritsar MP Amarinder Singh on Monday asked the state government to draw up a contingency plan to save agriculture.

Singh, in a statement here, suggested that the government should order timely assessment of losses to farmers so that they can be adequately compensated.

Rise in tomato prices leaves consumers exasperated

Rise in tomato prices leaves consumers exasperatedNew Delhi, July 13 - With onion prices hitting the roof at around Rs 50 per kilo, consumers in the city are exasperated and hoping that the government reins in the soaring cost.

Shoumik Guha, a consumer, told ANI, "Rates have increased because of multiple factors. However, the government should try to control the prices. Retail outlets must be even more costly as the rates in wholesale are already so high. They should attack the hoarding so that price hike should not be severe."

Onion sells at Rs 40/kg in NCR on drought fears, fewer supply

Onion sells at Rs 40/kg in NCR on drought fears, fewer supplyNew Delhi: Onion prices in retail markets of the National Capital Region continue in the range of Rs 35-40 per kg due to fears of drought and fewer supplies from key states.

Wholesale traders said there is a substantial fall in supplies from two major producing states -- Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

Good weather ensures bumper cherry production in Valley

Good weather ensures bumper cherry production in Valley Srinagar, July 3 - Cherry farmers in Kashmir valley are expecting a bumper production of cherries this year thanks to the timely rains and abundant snowfall during the winters.

Yaseen Ahmad a cherry grower, said, "The crop is a lot better than last year's. It will be exported to UP and Mumbai."

Another cherry farmer, Farooq Ahmad, also said that because of favorable climate the crop is good this year unlike last year.

Soaring onion prices leave commoners across India in 'tears'

onion-pricesNew Delhi, June 30 : A major difference between wholesale and retail prices of onions is adding to the woes of commoners across India.

After rail fare hike, the hike in onion prices has once again put the NDA Government in the dock on the issue of inflation.

This is the second time within a month that the price of onions has increased.

An angry Siliguri resident P. Das said, "The price of onion has increased once again. It is becoming very difficult for the common man to survive. Modi is not doing anything for the welfare of citizens. They are just increasing prices again and again."

Govt imposes $300/tonne MEP on onion exports to check price

onion-exportsNew Delhi: Concerned over rising onion rates, the government on Tuesday imposed a minimum export price (MEP) of USD 300 per tonne on the kitchen staple to curb overseas sales and check retail prices.

Onion prices have risen to about Rs 25-30 per kg in the national capital from Rs 15-20 per kg a fortnight ago.

The MEP, which is the rate below which no exports are allowed, has been re-introduced barely three months after the previous government in March had abolished it.

Export of all onion varieties will be subject to MEP of USD 300 per tonne, commerce ministry said in a notification.

Haryana procures over 65 lakh tonnes of wheat

procures-wheatChandigarh, June 2 : Over 65 lakh tonnes of wheat has been procured in Haryana this season, an official said Monday.

The procurement of wheat this time has been much higher than the 58.74 lakh tonnes procured in the same period last year, a spokesman of food and supplies department said here.

Out of the total arrivals, 64.97 lakh tonnes has been procured by government agencies.

Sirsa, Fatehabad and Karnal districts were leading in wheat arrivals.(IANS)

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