JSW Steel cuts HR coil prices

JSW Steel cuts HR coil prices After the decision of Indian steel giant Steel Authority of India Limited to cut steel prices, other steel companies have started to slash prices. JSW Steel took the initiative and reduced the prices of HR coils by Rs 5,500 a tonne. The company had already reduced steel prices in October.

It has reduced steel prices by 25-30 percent. The company said in a statement that it would go for price reduction according to the prices in the international market. The recent reduction in steel prices would check the import of steel and it would be available in domestic market at reasonable prices.

Garware Offshore To Invest $55 Million To Acquire MPSV

Garware Offshore To Invest $55 Million To Acquire MPSVGarware Offshore Services Limited, a leading offshore vessel owner cum operator, has signed an agreement for the acquisition of a Havyard 832 L SE Multipurpose Platform Supply Vessel (MPSV) at approximate cost of USD 55 million.

The new MPSV, which is scheduled to be delivered in the third quarter of FY 2011, is a state of the art vessel.

Children’s Medication Doubles in the U.S. due to Obesity

Children’s Medication Doubles in the U.S. due to ObesityA study by scientists at St. Louis University has shown that more children and teens are undergoing treatment for obesity related health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and depression. The research, published in the US journal Pediatrics, also showed that children and teens between 5 and 19 have also shown an increase in drugs for asthma and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which aren't related to obesity. Also children’s medical prescriptions for the most common form of diabetes doubled between 2002-2005

Violent Video Games make Children Violent

Violent Video Games make Children ViolentAccording to a new study, violent video games tend to make children more violent in real life. The study, which appears in the November issue of the journal Pediatrics, studied children in the U.S. and Japan and reported that children who played a lot of violent video games exhibited more aggressive behavior months later than their peers who did not play. Previous studies on the same lines could not differentiate if violent games made children aggressive or were already violent children more likely to play violent games.

HC Rejects Balaji Telefilms’ Petition Not To End Kyunki…

HC Rejects Balaji Telefilms’ Petition Not To End Kyunki…The time has come to say ‘Good Bye’ to television’s long running Saas-Bahu serial ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kahi Bahu Thi’, as the Bombay High Court on Monday has dismissed Balaji Telefilms’ appeal against a termination notice served by Star TV.

The final episode of Kyunki… will be aired on Thursday (November 6).

The most popular TV channel Star has decided to annihilate the serial due to a fall in its television rating points (TRPs) between July and September.

Lithium Tested For Impact On MND

Lithium Tested For Impact On MNDA research team led by Nigel Leigh, director of the motor neurone disease care centre at King's College London will conduct a study to assess the impact of the anti-depressant drug lithium as a treatment for motor neurone disease.

Motor neurone disease destroys nerves in the brain that control movement, leaving patients locked in a failing body. There is currently no cure and half die within 14 months of being diagnosed. A small study by Italian researchers suggested that lithium could slow the progression of the disease.