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Former DGP, S.S. Virk Gets Hyper After Arrest

New Delhi: DGP of PunjabSunday was the nightmare for the former DGP Punjab, S.S.

Counting sheep is not the only way to fall asleep

Sleep Well
Hamburg, Sep 7 : It's 3 a.m., pitch dark and you can't sleep. How can you survive the next day after being awake so long the night before? Difficulty in sleeping is a common problem but there are ways to escape it.

"If you offered someone one million euros to fall asleep in 10 minutes, he would not win the money," said Cornelius Kellner, a sleep specialist. It's normal to be awake at night occasionally.

Jail Term For Alistair Pereira Increased

Alistair Pereira
A Mumbai businessman, who ran over seven pavement dwellers while driving drunk last year, was given rigorous imprisonment of three-year by the Bombay High Court which stated “he doesn’t deserve sympathy.”

The HC showed Pereira no pity sentencing him for causing death because of carelessness and grievous injuries.

Board On N-Deal Likely To Meet After Sept. 9

Men still go for looks, women for wealth when choosing partners

Life Partners
Washington, Sep 4 : Like-mindedness and compatibility are thought to be the common denominators when it comes to choosing a mate, but a new study says that our choice of a prospective partner still depends on the stereotypical laws of the Neanderthal age.

Russell Crowe's secret passion - Bananas In Pyjamas!

Russell Crowe
London, Sep 4 : Russell Crowe might be a serious and hard-hitting actor, but it seems that he too can become a child at times.

The 'A Beautiful Mind' actor recently admitted that he has a very strange secret passion - Bananas In Pyjamas!

Crowe owned up to being hooked on the quirky children's TV show after regularly watching it with his two young sons.