Sonia to launch poll campaign from Karnataka today

Sonia to launch poll campaign from Karnataka todayBangalore, Mar

Govt. gives nod commencement of general election process

New Delhi, Mar 18: The Government on Wednesday gave a formal nod for issuing notifications for the commencement of the general election process.

Talking to reporters here, Home Minister P Chidambaram said the notifications will be issued on March 23, 28 and April 2, 11 and 17 by the President for the five-phase polls beginning April 16.

"The Representation of the People Act requires that the President shall issue notifications for the general elections," he added

CPI-M releases manifesto for general elections

New Delhi, Mar 16: The Communist Party on India (Marxist) released its manifesto for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections on Monday.

Leftist Funes claims victory in Salvadoran presidential vote

Leftist Funes claims victory in Salvadoran presidential voteSan Salvador, El Salvador - Leftist candidate Mauricio Funes claimed victory "without a shadow of doubt" late Sunday in El Salvador's presidential election, a historic vote that put an end to a 20-year rule by right-wing party ARENA.

"This was the happiest night of my life," Funes told reporters and supporters.

The still unofficial result was also a step forward in El Salvador's efforts to recover from a bloody 12-year civil war, which ended in 1992 and claimed 75,000 lives.

El Salvador begins presidential elections

El Salvador begins presidential elections San Salvador, El Salvador  - Salvadorans headed to the polls Sunday to elect a new president in a vote that could help the strife- torn Central American country put its violent political past behind it.

For the first time in 20 years of rule by the right-wing party ARENA, the leftist FMLN is within reach of the presidency. The election between leftist former TV journalist Mauricio Funes, 49, and right-wing former police chief Rodrigo Avila, 45, however remains too close to call, according to the latest surveys of public opinion.

EC to review poll preparedness in UP today

EC to review poll preparedness in UP todayNew Delhi, Mar 4: Chief Election Commissioner N Gopalswami and two Election Commissioners Navin Chawla and S Y Quraishi will visit Lucknow on Tuesday evening to review the poll preparedness for the coming Lok Sabha polls.

During their two-day visit, the team will meet the top State Government officials.

According to official sources, the Commission is scheduled to hold a separate meeting with the chief secretary and director general of police.