Geely’s electric pickup Radar RD6 heading for foreign markets

Geely’s electric pickup Radar RD6 heading for foreign markets

The first production run of Geely’s Radar RD6 electric pickup truck for export recently came off the Chinese manufacturer’s assembly line. Designed and developed by Zhejiang, China-headquartered Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, the Radar RD6 electric pickup’s first export-focussing batch came off of the Zibo Smart Factory just a couple of days back. It is not a model that most people are likely to have even heard of.

Announcing the production of the first batch of the Geely Radar RD6 electric pickup truck, the Chinese manufacturer published a post on Twitter, “The first export batch of Geely’s electric pickup trucks was sent off today from the Zibo Smart Factory. Smooth sailing!”

It was around a year back when Geely revealed that it would launch a new automobile brand called Radar Auto. At the time, the company also described “Radar Auto” as the “first pure electric outdoor lifestyle brand” of China. Now, the new brand has officially confirmed the arrival of its first model – the fully-electric Radar GD6 pickup truck.

The Radar GD6 electric pickup truck comes in three battery pack options, viz. 63-kW, 86-kW, and 100-kW. While the 63-kW battery option is capable of delivering a driving range of 248 miles (approx. 400km), the 86-kW and 100-kW options promise driving ranges of up to 341 miles (approx. 550km) and 392 miles (approx. 632km), respectively. The 200-kW (268 horsepower) electric motor of the vehicle produces 284 Nm of torque.

In addition, the new Radar GD6 electric pickup boasts the ability to connect to other appliances or devices. This is a common feature in EVs, especially in Tesla vehicles. This feature has a great potential as it is very helpful for people when there are away from their homes.

The automaker had officially announced the launch of the new pickup truck in February this year. It has only been just around half a year and the Chinese manufacturer has already started series production of the vehicle for foreign markets, which is really remarkable. The base model of the EV carries a starting price tag of RMB 178,800 (roughly US$25,000), while the top-of-the-line variant starts at RMB 228,800.

Pickup trucks are very popular in the United States, but not in most other jurisdictions of the world. However, market experts are of the view that American automakers like Ford, Rivian, and General Motors will also rush to bring electric pickup trucks to the global markets once the potential for Tesla’s electric pickup truck becomes clear.

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