Gas prices will hit lowest in 10 years in Maine

It has been anticipated that this summer, gasoline prices will considerably decrease compared to last year. The Energy Department has predicted the lowest seasonal gas prices in six years and the national averaged price has been predicted to be $2.45 per gallon from April to September. It is down from $3.36 a gallon in the same months in 2014.

According to, the average price in Dutchess County is $2.56 a gallon. Saved money from this price decline can assist in bills and other expenses. Lowering prices for crude oil and higher production in North America will lead to the lower prices.

As per Annah Christofferson of Marlboro, in the summer, her family frequently goes on vacations. Christofferson said that the money saved by them will help go to nicer vacation places.

According to her, "Prices were too high at times, and instead of having to put the money towards gas filling up the tank, you could use the money towards food, activities, entertainment and shopping".

As per Sean Harden, a City of Poughkeepsie parking enforcement officer, the decline in prices will help reduce costs while on vacation. Harden said that he likes going to longer road trips to places like Lake George.

World oil supplies are growing rapidly, more than demand as a result of higher production in North America and other places. These all factors will help lower the prices in the summer. However, the Energy Department said that the prediction could considerably change whether oil-related sanctions against Iran are lifted because of ongoing negotiations. It is assumed that the country has stored at least 30 million gallons of oil.