Ford officially delivers the first F-150 Lightning beyond North American borders

Ford officially delivers the first F-150 Lightning beyond North American borders

In a groundbreaking move echoing the resounding demand for cutting-edge EVs beyond North American borders, Ford Motor Company has proudly delivered its first F-150 Lightning pickup truck in Norway. Breaking free from its North American confines, the iconic automaker has chosen Norway as the inaugural international market for the F-150 Lightning, thanks particularly to the European nation’s burgeoning EV enthusiasm. As the iconic American automobile manufacturer is strategically expanding the reach of its all-electric pickup truck, captivating a global audience, the anticipation about its success is quite high.

It is interesting to note here that Norway has embraced EVs with open arms. In 2023, the Northern European nation has achieved an astonishing 82.4 per cent EV market share, solidifying its status as a leader in the field of sustainable transportation. With an imposing skyward trajectory from 64.5 per cent in 2021 to 79.2 per cent in 2022, the Norwegian EV Association has set a target for a remarkable 100 per cent zero-emission car sales by the end of 2025. With impeccable timing of improved EV incentives, Norway is all set to achieve this ambitious goal, setting the stage for a seamless integration of the F-150 Lightning into the country’s electrifying landscape.

The excitement surrounding the F-150 Lightning in Norway is nothing short of electrifying. Gunnar Berg, Managing Director (MD) of Ford Norway, attests to the unprecedented demand, and stated, “I’ve had customers literally banging on my door and pleading with us to bring the electric pickup to Norway."

The first official delivery of the F-150 Lightening in Norway was celebrated on social media, with Dag and his wife Angela, proprietors of a Texas barbecue business, receiving the keys to their EV.

Ford's foray into the electric pickup truck market hasn’t gone unnoticed, with the F-150 Lightning emerging as the best-selling electric pickup in the U.S. last year, when it attracted more than 24,000 buyers, representing a remarkable 54 per cent surge year-over-year.

As the first F-150 Lightning graces the roads of Norway, the American manufacturer’s bold step into the international EV market marks the commencement of an electrifying global odyssey. With Norway serving as the launchpad, the Ford F-150 Lightning is now all-set to redefine the landscape of battery-powered pickups worldwide, combining American innovation with global demand for sustainable transportation. With the Ford F-150 Lightning leading the charge into uncharted territories, the future of electric mobility seems to be quite bright.

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