Family, Including Ill Father, Removed From Plane As Passengers Applaud Action
Family, Including Ill Father, Removed From Plane As Passengers Applaud Action

A family of three, including a stage-four throat cancer patient, his wife and seven-year-old son, were ready for a flight from Bellingham, Washington, to the Phoenix area for a vacation when suddenly the boy fell ill and plane authorities removed the three from flight, which was applauded by fellow passengers. The incident hurt the sentiments of the family and also this trip would have been one of the last memories of son with his father.

Christina Alvarado, whose son suffered an attack from being closer to dog as he might be having dog allergy, took on to Facebook to describe her reaction. The family was taken off a Mondayflight.

According to Christina, soon after they boarded plane her son broke in hives and was scratching. The family alerted a flight attendant, but the person smirked and said dogs are in every flight. The family was told to leave for the boy’s safety concern and their flight was rescheduled. This incident did not only spoil the family’s vacations which was in bucket list of boy’s father but also the boy ended up blaming himself for the incident.

When the family was leaving the plane, a number of the 151 passengers onboard the Airbus 319 applauded, according to Christina. "We understood. They helped us off the plane, but as we gathered our stuff the people toward the back of the plane clapped. This clapping crushed Giovanni's feelings and the boy blamed himself for the ordeal the family was in”, said Christina. Giovanni, the child, feels sad as this was going to be a memory for life time for him and his mother that they spend with boy’s father.

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