Explore Pune to Add New Colours to Your Life This Holi

Explore Pune to Add New Colours to Your Life This Holi

The festival of colours is just around the corner and quite frankly, which city is better than Pune for celebrating the colourful gala with your squad. Renowned for being the historical capital of Maharashtra, Pune needs no introduction. It is best for people who want to celebrate festivals in a calm & serene place.

Being well-connected to the other major cities, it's super easy to get to the sprawling city of Pune via Flight or Train. However, if you are keen to witness the beauty of Pune by road, then there's nothing better than taking the service of self-driven cars in Pune. Reliable car rental companies like Zoomcar provide a gamut of luxury self-drive cars in Pune, including hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs on daily, monthly & other customized periods. You could even opt for 7-seater Innova on Rent in Pune to experience the serene city of "Poona." No matter where you are coming from, the beautiful Pune has got you covered this Holi!

Now, without losing a single minute, let's decode the places worth exploring in Pune to make your Holi super fun and frolic:
Shivneri Fort

The Birthplace of Shivaji, the great Maratha emperor

Being the birthplace of the great Shivaji, Shivneri Fort has always been a special place for ancestral Maharashtra people. This fort is the place where Shivaji received his early training to become the undisputed king of Maratha ancestry. Situated on a 300-meter tall hill, Shivneri fort is approx. 94 km away from Pune railway station. The best way to get here is to book an affordable self-drive car from the Pune railway station. We highly recommend booking among a plethora of luxury self-drive cars in Pune and reaching the fort in supreme comfort.

Western Ghats
Experience the beauty of Western Ghats

If you are a nature lover, then this place is a must-visit for you. Make your Holi memorable by visiting the Western Ghats & experiencing breathtaking valleys, misty mountains & multiple ranges of flowers.
Reaching the Western Ghats is super easy, thanks to reliable car rental companies. People looking to experience this beautiful location can book one of the best self-drive cars in Pune at affordable costs. Moreover, it's effortless to book and rent self-driven cars in Pune. Just a single tap on the app and you are good to go!
Bonus Tip: If you are fond of hiking, trekking or rock climbing, you are in a treat, my friend!

Parvati Hill Temple
Experience the heritage of 17th Century

The ancient temple of the 17th Century, Parvati Hill Temple, is a delightful place to witness the architectural heritage of the Maratha dynasty. Situated at 2100 ft above sea level, the view from the top of the hill is spectacular. Getting to the place is no toughie, and if you want to arrive at this mesmerizing temple with maximum comfort, booking a 7 seater Innova on rent in Pune could be a great idea. And don't forget to visit the Parvati Museum on the hill which has a vast collection of guns, coins, paintings and old manuscripts.
We hope Parvati Hill Temple could help you make your Holi unforgettable this year.

Rajgad Fort

Nature's bliss you'll fall in love with

Having served as Shivaji's capital for more than 25 years, Rajgard Fort stands at the height of 4600 feet and provides stunning views from the top. The place is extremely popular among locals and tourists across the globe. It's an excellent destination for trekkers, campers, photographers, history lovers and architecture enthusiasts. You could also camp here overnight and explore the fort the next morning. Camping facilities are also provided here, and thankfully, don't put a hole in your wallet.

Reaching here is a piece of cake, just rent among a plethora of self-drive cars in Pune and get to the Pali village. Post that, trek up the hill to reach the Rajgad Fort.

Let Pune make this Holi super-memorable for you

Fancy to be thrown at in the pool full of water or get smeared with a truckload of colours on your face by total strangers this Holi? Then pack your bags, rent a comfortable self-driven car & get to Pune now!
Adding to the convenience of travellers across the world, car rental companies like Zoomcar is changing the way we travel by offering robust self-drive luxury car rental services in Pune. Having a vast inventory of best self-drive cars in Pune, luxury car rental companies ensure you get to the place with utmost comfort.

This Holi, witness the beautiful Ghats, dense mountains, the great Maratha architectural heritage provided by the beautiful Pune. Go crazy in Pune by making some of the coolest friends in the process. We bet it's fun!

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