Economic Adversity Offers Opportunities Rather Than Threat for the Indian BPO Sector, Says Som Mittal

During an interview on the sidelines of an industry conference, the Chief Executive of Infosys BPO, Swami Swaminathan, has notified the Reuters that the Company has been growing at about 20% in the past two years and anticipated to grow around 15 to 20% in this fiscal year.

In addition, Swaminathan has expressed confidence to have net employee additions of 2,500 to 3,000, during this fiscal year. Presently, the Infosys BPO operates across Asia Pacific, Europe and in America with its not less than 19,000 employees. Further, it attributes about $427 million in annual revenue, similar to the last fiscal year that ended in March.

While answering a question seeking explanation about impacts of global economic conditions on BPO sector, the Nasscom President, Som Mittal, said that there is no cause for concern at the moment as this is a sovereign debt crisis which is playing out in the US private companies. Further, he notified similar conditions in European market as well although, expressed confidence that these troubles cannot be considered as crisis and marked them as opportunity for the BPO sector.

Further, Som Mittal claimed that the BPO industry has learned to adopt flexible nature according to the circumstances.