Double of pop diva Beyonce dupes Vienna

Vienna - A prestigious museum and the public in Vienna were duped Tuesday by a double of US pop singer Beyonce, who was hired as a prank by a local radio station.

While the real star was taking a walk in the historic city centre ahead of a concert in Vienna, the radio station also sent the double shopping and arranged an exclusive tour of the Albertina art museum, the broadcaster confirmed.

Austrian media had speculated at first that Beyonce herself had hired the lookalike who was followed around by deceived fans.

A woman claiming to be the Beyonce's manager called the museum, asking for a tour within half an hour.

In the past, movie stars Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Nicolas Cage had visited the Albertina for hastily arranged special visit.

"Her face was extremely similar, but her body was totally different," said Verena Dahlitz, the museum's spokeswoman, after her initial suspicion had been confirmed.

A marketing manager at Kronehit radio explained that the station had hired a German singer and model for the prank.

"We'll call the Albertina to say we meant no harm," manager Andrea Hilber said. "It was a great museum tour." (dpa)