David Beckham Joins Fight Against Malaria

David Beckham Joins Fight Against MalariaMalaria eradication is within our grasp.

But if we don’t get rid of the disease now, the risk of deadly malaria outbreaks will continue to threaten the world’s people.

This time, Britain’s most iconic athlete David Beckham together with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown made announcement about the launching of an anti-malaria campaign, ‘Malaria No More UK”, with the intention to wipe out the lethal disease in the regions, which have a high incidence of malaria.

Moreover, the campaign will also provide bed nets to those in need.

The soccer superstar said, “It’s truly incredible to think we can stop this killer disease forever and it's such a simple thing to do.”

“For less than the cost of a football you can protect a family from dying. I urge the U.K. public to get behind the Malaria No More UK campaign to save a life and make malaria no more,” Becham added.

The big part of world's population is still threatened from malaria even though it’s easily treatable,

However, Beckham is confident that under the aegis of the British administration, he can help eradicate ‘Malaria’ forever.