Congress approves Obama's 2010 budget outline

Congress approves Obama's 2010 budget outlineWashington - The US Congress on Wednesday approved President Barack Obama's 3.56-billion-dollar budget prescriptions for 2010 along strictly party lines.

The Senate voted 53-43 and the House of Representative 233-193 for the non-binding resolution, which sets out the framework for Congress to consider Obama's legislative priorities, including tax cuts for the middle class and an expansion of social spending in health care, energy and education.

No members of the minority Republican Party approved the budget and some conservative Democrats also opposed the bill over concerns that it raises the deficit to dangerously high levels.

Obama, who is celebrating his 100th day in office, said the budget "builds on the steps we've taken ... to move this economy from recession to recovery and ultimately to prosperity," according to prepared remarks he was due to deliver at a press conference later Wednesday. (dpa)