Pfizer Vaccine Efficacy Helps Stock Markets Worldwide

Pfizer Vaccine Efficacy Helps Stock Markets Worldwide

Pfizer announced that its vaccine developed by a German health startup has 90 percent efficacy.

Pfizers profit, earnings, drop despite Viagra boom

Pfizers profit, earnings, drop despite Viagra boom Washington - Pfizer Inc, the worlds biggest drugmaker, Tuesday said profits were down 2 per cent and revenues were down 8.3 per cent compared to first quarter 2008 despite blockbuster drugs like the impotence pill Viagra and cholesterol-busting Lipitor. Net income dropped to 2.73 billion dollars, while revenues were down to 10.9 billion dollars, the company said.

Profits were eroded by the rising dollar, which lowered income from abroad, the company said.

Glaxo and Pfizer come together to create new company, devoted to development and marketing of HIV drugs

Glaxo and Pfizer come together to create new companyWorld's two biggest drug companies GlaxoSmithKline PLC and Pfizer Inc. will join hands to create a new company exclusively for developing and selling of HIV medicines. Both companies made announcement of the new venture on Thursday. The name of the company will be announced after the finalization of the deal. The new company will be based in London.

Pfizer tilts to copycats with Aurobindo deal

PfizerAfter trying it out for almost a year, the world's biggest drug-maker Pfizer Inc, has decided to turn copycat in right earnest. And the $50 billion giant will take the help of Hyderabad-based Aurobindo Pharma, an established copycat drug-maker, to make this happen. The multinational will license 70 generic drugs and 12 sterile injectibles, including penicillins and cephalosporins, which according to industry watchers are valued at over $200 million in sales, from Aurobindo for marketing in the US, and Europe. That is good news for Aurobindo but may not leave much for Pfizer to smile about, say analysts.

Champix – An Anti-Smoking Drug By Pfizer!

ChampixThe world’s biggest pharmaceutical company Pfizer has rolled out its anti-smoking drug Champix, which lessens nicotine craving as well as the pleasure of smoking.

Having global sales of around $1 billion, Champix is priced at Rs 9500 for a 12- week treatment regime by Pfizer.

At first, the company is launching Champix in 17 cities at a lower price than the US and the European markets. The 12-week Champix prescription course will cost just Rs 9,500..