MakemyTrip, PayPal tie-up for hotel bookings

MakemyTrip, PayPal tie-up for hotel bookings

New Delhi [India], Mar 7 : PayPal, one of the world's leading payments platforms today announced an extension of its merchant partnership with MakeMyTrip, leading Indian online travel booking company, to facilitate hotel and holidays booking in addition to airline tickets.

As a global leader in digital payments, we are committed to put our customers at the centre of everything. Our strong on risk and security has enabled us to become a payment choice for millions of consumers around the world.

The partnership with MakeMyTrip will help foreign tourists continue to enjoy the seamless and secure PayPal experience to book hotels and holiday packages and tide through the recent challenges they are facing post the demonetization of select Indian currencies.

PayPal opens registrations for second edition of 'Recharge'

PayPal opens registrations for second edition of 'Recharge'

New Delhi [India], Mar. 6 : Online payment aggregator PayPal announced the launch of 'Recharge,' a unique six-week programme focussed on empowering women technologists to get back to work after taking time off to explore their passions, develop interests and strengthen families.

Recharge is open to women who have taken a personal career break for a period of upto five years, with at least five years of work experience in product development and analytics and with backgrounds in Java, J2EE, PEGA, test automation, release engineering and risk analytics.

PayPal’s New Service makes it easier to Request Money

PayPal’s New Service makes it easier to Request Money

PayPal, the American company handling worldwide online payments system, has recently launched a new service called PayPal.Me, which will allow users to set up their own, individual accounts and collect payments.

To avail the service, users have to create a link. Once link is created, users can send the link to other individuals or groups and request for funds. After the link is received, the value of the transaction is entered and the funds are transferred to the original user's PayPal account.

The service will allow links to be sent through multiple platforms, for example, instant message, social media, e-mail, and more – and will work on both desktop and mobile.

eBay and PayPal Two Separate Companies from Now

eBay and PayPal Two Separate Companies from Now

PayPal, a wholly owned subsidiary of eBay from now will trade as two separate companies. Soon after the split from eBay, PayPal listed independently on the stock exchange.

Thirteen years after it acquired PayPal in a $1.3 billion deal, eBay has spun off the lucrative digital payments business and has decided to face the competitive e-commerce world on its own.

The split of both the companies have come more than ten years after eBay bought the payments firm in 2002. Last year in September eBay announced its plans to divide the two companies, and letting PayPal off into a separate entity.

PayPal updates its controversial user agreement following FCC warning

PayPal updates its controversial user agreement following FCC warning

On Monday, digital payments company PayPal announced to make fixes to its user agreement following the controversy that sparked over its new robocalling policy.

The company faced criticism for adding new language into its user agreement, which indicated that they would be subjected to robocalls. The people feared that this would give PayPal the ability to cover users with autodialed marketing calls and texts.

A stern warning was sent by FCC to PayPal on June 11th, which detailed how the company could be violating the law. The FCC reminded PayPal that it along with any service providers or affiliates could be fined up to $16,000 per text message or call.

ebay and PayPal to become independent after July 17

ebay and PayPal to become independent after July 17

On Friday, e-commerce gaint eBay announced that it is separating from payment processing company PayPal on July 17. The plan to work separately was announced last year and came after months of pressure from activist investor Carl Icahn. He attacked eBay for poor management and claimed that keeping eBay tied with PayPal depressed the value of both units.

John Donahoe, president and chief executive of eBay said, "eBay and PayPal are two great, special businesses. As separate, independent companies, eBay, led by Devin Wenig, and PayPal, led by Dan Schulman, will each have a sharper focus and greater flexibility to pursue future success in their respective global commerce and payments markets".

eBay and Paypal questioned on their revised user agreements

eBay and Paypal questioned on their revised user agreements

New York law enforcement officials said in a letter to eBay Inc and PayPal Inc that the companies' revised user policies lead to concerns under consumer protection laws, according to the New York Times.

The revised user agreements will allow the company and the payments division in collecting a debt or polling their opinions with help of surveys and questionnaires. As per reports, Ebay's updated user agreement will take effect on Monday and PayPal's will also become effective on July 1.

Dan Schulman gave media a glimpse at PayPal’s future in San Francisco event Thursday

Dan Schulman gave media a glimpse at PayPal’s future in San Francisco

PayPal’s new chief executive has promised to expand the popular online payment system in order to handle transactions in stores and on mobile devices.

California-based PayPal will be spinning off from parent company eBay later this year. The CEO of the new PayPal will be veteran executive Dan Schulman.

He said that his company will position itself as a ‘full-service’ payments partner for consumers and merchants. It will handle mobile transactions, credit purchases and even customer loyalty rewards programs.

PayPal was best known as a payment method for purchases made on desktop computers for many years. However, there has been an increase in use of mobile phones to shop online by customers. A third of transactions made on mobile devices is handled by PayPal.

Botched Customer Services Cost PayPal $25 million

Botched Customer Services Cost PayPal $25 million

Flawed Customer Services have weighed heavily on PayPal, with the Federal authorities seeking $25 million in penalties on account of defective credit service, deceptive advertising, and faulty payment method and for signing up customers for its credit service without their knowledge.

On Tuesday, PayPal, a subsidiary of eBay Inc., in a proposed settlement with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), has agreed to the consent order, which is now pending before a judge in U.S. District Court in Maryland.

The CFPB announced that the proposed settlement will see the eBay subsidiary refunding customers for a total sum of $15 million and pay a $10 million penalty, along with improvements in the company's policies and disclosures.

PayPal acquires Paydiant

PayPal acquires Paydiant

PayPal has acquired Newton-based mobile payments software company Paydiant. The acquisition has come few weeks after PayPal sacked out employees from its Boston office and also, ended ties with Start Tank.

Paydiant explained that its software allows retailers to have their own mobile payments wallet applications. With the help of unique and secure QR codes, the applications work. Sunway, Orange Peel, and the Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) are among its customers.

Paydiant thinks that the deal will close by the end of this month or in April. It has huge expectations from the deal and thinks that PayPal's resources will help Paydiant to expand its boundaries of innovation.

PayPal to break apart from eBay into separate company

ebay paypalWashington, Oct 01 - PayPal is set to break apart from the online merchant eBay into a separate publically traded company.

According to the Verge, an independent PayPal will likely face the biggest threat in the ecosystem of digital wallets and mobile payments from Apple Pay.

PayPal has consistently been the most widely used platform for digital wallet users, revealed a ComScore study last year.

PayPal's new competitive threat would definitely come from the newly launched Apple Pay and also from Alibaba, Chinese e-commerce giant.

If Apple Pay performs well, it could also be launched on the web that would threaten PayPal's core business. (ANI)

Facebook names 'mobile messaging' chief

FacebookSan Francisco: Facebook announced it has hired the top executive of eBay's PayPal division to lead the social network's efforts to boost its mobile messaging.

David Marcus, who has been president of PayPal, was named to the new post as Facebook appeared set to focus increasingly on messaging.

The California giant said separately it "accidentally" released a version of a new app called "Slingshot," about which reports have been circulating for several weeks.

PayPal's Indian-American executive says he quit before Twitter tirade

rakesh-agrawalWashington, May 5 : Rakesh "Rocky" Agrawal, PayPal's Indian-American strategy executive claims he had resigned from the payments giant before he unleashed a late-night Twitter rant against a couple of co-workers Friday.

"P. S. the tweet from paypal is factually correct but utterly misleading. I resigned before the events of Friday night," Agrawal tweeted Sunday morning after PayPal Saturday announced his departure in a tweet, suggesting he was fired.

Anonymous hackers plead guilty to PayPal DDoS attacks

Anonymous hackers plead guilty to PayPal DDoS attacksThirteen defendants who had been slapped with charges of launching distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks at PayPal in 2010 pleaded guilty in a California federal court, the U. S. Attorney's Office in San Francisco confirmed recently.

The defenders had attacked PayPal using DDoS method, which is also known as the Low Orbit Ion Cannon, as part of "Operation Payback" to teach PayPal a lesson for the subsidiary eBay's refusal to process payments for whistleblower site WikiLeaks.

PayPal acknowledged technical issue

PayPal acknowledged technical issueGlobal internet-based money transfer service, PayPal has acknowledged a technical flaw in its system that has resulted in holding up of some transactions for security checks.

A company spokesman said that the site has been facing "a few issues" since few weeks and this has affected a small portion of its customers. The company has made changed a system to speed up the process of transferring money from the user account to the customer's bank account.

PayPal acquires ‘’ mobile payment firm

PayPal acquires ‘’  mobile payment firmGlobal money transferring service firm, PayPal has said that it will acquire Card. io, which offers a technology allowing mobile phone cameras to scan credit cards and gather important information to facilitate transactions.

The company has not announced the financial details of the deal to acquire Cards. PayPal has been using Card. io technology in its mobile payment technology for small businesses and informal sellers called, PayPal Here.

Paypal to launch new service for online shoppers

Paypal to launch new service for online shoppersLeading online monetary transaction service provider, PayPal is planning to launch a new service called, `PayPal Access', which is designed to allow online shoppers to easily buy products on the internet without the need of creating numerous accounts with retailers.

PayPal to launch business in Russia

PayPal to launch business in RussiaMoscow, Aug 3 : Online payment company PayPal plans to start business in Russia with a $25 million investment and open its first office in Moscow soon, a media report said Wednesday.

"There are rumours that this fall, the five largest Internet companies will search for key employees in Russia," head of Pruffi recruitment agency Alyona Vladimirskaya said on her Facebook page, mentioning PayPal and eBay, its parent company.

Paypal ups its mobile payment forecasts for 2011

paypalLeading electronic payment service provider, Paypal has once again raised its mobile total payments volume (TPV) projection for 2011 to $3 billion.

The company had increased the forecast from $1.5 billion to $2 billion in February and has now raised the projection to double of the original estimate. Paypal is recording $10 million in mobile TPV per day up from $6 million in March this year, according to Laura Chambers, senior director of PayPal Mobile.

“Mobile payments are growing at a rate we never could have imagined when we started processing them back in 2006,” she said. “We’re thrilled by this news.”

PayPal pulls back the e-withdrawal feature

PayPal pulls back the e-withdrawal featurePayPal has stated of not offering any sort of electronic withdrawal transactions from the company's account.

This seemingly is a decision that has been made soon after the decision that might affect the Indian PayPal users and will be in effect starting August 1.

The only option left with the users is withdrawal from cheque and this decision is taken in lieu of "regulatory instructions" stated by the management.

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