Google shares fall after company misses Q1 profit estimates

GoogleWashington, Apr. 17 - Google's shares dropped nearly six percent in after-hours trading after the tech company's first-quarter profit missed analysts' expectations.

Google logged weaker-than-expected first-quarter results, as the company missed forecasts on two key search advertising metrics.

According to Fox News, shares of the company behind Gmail and Android dropped six percent in after-hours trading after reporting below-consensus figures.

Google said it earned 3.45 billion dollars, or 5.04 dollars a share, last quarter, compared with a profit of 3.35 billion dollars, or 4.97 dollars a share, a year earlier.

Google executive explains Android to Apple vs. Samsung jury

Google executive explains Android to Apple vs. Samsung juryIn a bid to prove that Samsung devices didn't copy Apple products, the South Korea-based smartphone maker on Friday brought up an Android executive in the ongoing patent trial to verify that certain controversial features were created by Google, and not Apple.

Hiroshi Lockheimer, vice president of Android Engineering, explained Android to the Apple vs. Samsung jury in California. He spent a good deal of time explaining the differences between Google's Android and Apple's iOS.

Researcher finds Chrome bug that can allow hackers to snoop on conversations

Researcher finds Chrome bug that can allow hackers to snoop on conversationsAn Israel-based researcher claimed to have uncovered a security hole/ vulnerability in Google Chrome web browser that can reportedly allow an attacker to snoop on the targeted person's conversations.

Guy Aharonovsky said that the security hole could allow a hacker to listen in on someone, even if the targeted person turns access to their microphone in the Chrome settings off. He added that he discovered the hole in Chrome while experimenting with a voice recognition feature of the browser.

Human body heat to power Google Glass!

Power Google GlassLondon, April 11 : As the attention turns towards wearable devices like Google Glass and smart watches, how to ensure power supply in a stable and reliable manner is one of the most critical issues facing the developers.

What about a light, tiny generator that can produce electricity from the heat emanating from the human body?


A team of researchers have proposed a solution to this problem by developing a glass fabric-based thermoelectric (TE) generator that is extremely light and flexible and produces electricity from the heat of the human body.

Google Chromecast’s home screen getting more personalized makeover: report

Google Chromecast’s home screen getting more personalized makeover: reportGoogle Chromecast's home screen is reportedly receiving a more personalized makeover, with the addition of some more bespoke options.

A Reddit user, asjmcguire, has claimed that he noticed javascript codes for a few new options when he was poking around the source code for the Chromecast's home screen.

After diabetes, Google Glass sets eyes on Parkinson's

Google-Glass-Parkinson'sWashington, April 9 : After unveiling a smart contact lens that monitors glucose levels in tears in January, Google is now working on to support people with Parkinson's disease - via Google Glass, it much-anticipated wearable device to be launched later this year.

Experts at Newcastle University in Britain are investigating Google Glass as an assistive aid to help people with Parkinson's retain their independence for longer.

Google reportedly preparing to introduce Android TV

Google reportedly preparing to introduce Android TVTech giant Google is reportedly preparing to introduce its wireless content streaming device, dubbed Android TV, which will go compete with the likes of Apple TV, Amazon's Fire TV and the Roku system.

Emerging reports, which could be part of Google's supposed effort to create buzz for Android TV, suggest that Google is gearing up for a formal introduction of the device.

Soon, Google wireless network for your mobile!

Soon, Google wireless network for your mobile!New York, April 5 : Not happy with the current network providers to your mobile phone? You might soon get a better option - Google!

After providing the world's most popular phone software and offering one of the fastest broadband speeds in the US, Google is now planning to become your mobile network operator.

According to reports in the US media, Google has plans for its own wireless network that customers could use to make calls, send texts and browse the web on their mobiles.

Happy birthday! Gmail turns 10

GmailCalifornia, April 2 : Your favourite webmail service Gmail has turned 10. Launched April 1, 2004, Google’s simple, user-friendly inbox today is an undisputed leader in email and related services.

In 2004, Gmail arrived as an invitation-only product on beta platform.

After several design changes, it finally dropped the beta label in 2009.

In Gmail, Microsoft offered a spam-free inbox with integrated search tool and loads of storage capacity that was enough to beat the rivals.

It was Gmail that gave webmail a slick snappiness more akin to a desktop application.

Google adds ‘view count’ feature to Google+

Google adds ‘view count’ feature to Google+Tech giant Google Inc has just added a new feature to its social networking service Google+ that shows the number of times a user's content has been viewed by others.

The new feature is thus very helpful in determining if a specific content posted on Google+ is really attracting other users or not.

Google chairman shuts tech critics saying 'college not worth it'

Eric SchmidtWashington, Mar. 17 - Google Chairman Eric Schmidt has reportedly slammed tech critics who opine that college is overrated and 'not worth it'.

During the SXSW conference, Schmidt said "there are people who make claims that higher education is not a good use of your time: they're just wrong."

One notable critic, Facebook investor Peter Thiel, claimed that higher education was a 'bubble,' while another critic Tech investor James Altucher has argued that college is a scam and not worth the rising costs, Tech Crunch reports.

Updated Google Play Store to have passwords for more control over 'in-game purchases'

Updated Google Play Store to have passwords for more control over 'in-game purchases'Washington, March 16 : Google has reportedly updated its Play Store, offering more control over purchase of in-game virtual goods.

Following the update, users will now have to enter a password every time they want to buy virtual goods while they are occupied with a game.

According to Cnet, earlier, goods could be bought within 30 minutes on one password entry, the option for which remains available.

Google offers indoor maps in India

Google-Indoor-MapsBangalore, March 5 : Global search engine Google is offering indoor maps in India, beginning from Bangalore, at selected locations such as malls across the city to enable visitors to explore them at ease.

"Our indoor maps will provide a view of fashion stores to movie theatres and supermarkets on different floors in malls, which are evolving into convenient one-stop entertainment hubs," the company's Indian subsidiary said in a statement here Wednesday.

Nokia X hacked to run Google apps, additional launchers

Nokia-XWashington, March 2 : Nokia X has been reportedly hacked to run Google apps and additional launchers.

The hacking was reported a few days after the launch of the smartphone.

According to the Verge, xda-developers member Kashamalaga managed to convert his Nokia X to run the Google Play Store and Google apps in five simple steps, suggesting Nokia hasn't locked down the device too heavily.

Meanwhile, Stephen Elop, Nokia's head of devices, said that the X plan was deliberated to halt the usage of Google apps and replace it with Microsoft equivalents.

Google to allow Indian SME’s to go online

googleGlobal internet giant, Google has said that it is planning to help half a million Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in India to have an online presence within this year.

Experts have said that India will become second largest internet market in the world by overtaking the Unites States by the year 2015. The company said that India is a key market and it is focusing on SMEs as they will contribute to its global revenues.

Google to focus on SMBs in India

GoogleHyderabad, Feb 26 : The world's most-used web search engine Google plans to help half a million Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) in India to go online by the end of next year.

With India set to become second largest internet market in the world overtaking the US by 2015, Google sees India as a key market and is focusing on SMBs, which contribute significantly to its global revenues.

Allan Thygesen, vice president and global head of SMBs for Google Inc, told the media here that the firm has already launched an initiative to give SMBs a cost-effective way to reach out to customers.

Google boss Schmidt says Internet censorship could become impossible in coming few years

Eric SchmidtWashington, Feb 25 : Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt has reportedly said that more revolutions like the one in Ukraine would be seen when another two billion people connect to the Internet in the next five years or so.

In an interview with Scott Pelley for CBS News, Schmidt said that the Internet is a one-time power shift that allows individuals to see and hear things that they have never seen before.

Google working on private Wi-Fi app for Android, iOS

googleWashington, Feb. 23 - Google is reportedly said to be working on a specialty Wi-Fi authentication app for Android and iOS devices.

Sources have said that in its attempt to blanket cities and parks with free Wi-Fi, the search giant is also aiming to launch tech at how people log in to private networks at retail and business locations too.

According to The Verge, the specialty Wi-Fi authentication app for Android, iOS would automatically greenlight that device to work on the connection.

Google's new Tango smartphone can 'learn and map world around it'

Google-Tango-smartphoneWashington, Feb 21 : Google has reportedly built a prototype Android smartphone device that is capable of learning and mapping the world around it.

The Advanced Technology and Projects group, one of the few Motorola elements that Google has retained, announced Project Tango, which aims to make the phone learn the dimension of rooms and spaces just by being moved around inside of them.

Johnny Lee, leader of Project Tango said that the goal of Project Tango is to give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion, the Verge reported.

Google to create android applications in Indian languages

GoogleNew Delhi, Feb 19 : Google Wednesday said it will host a two-day workshop in Bangalore later this week focused on designing and creating android applications in Indian languages.

Nearly 100 developers are scheduled to participate in the event to be held Feb 21-22. Participation is open to both amateur and professional developers.

"It aims to promote regional languages and develop applications for Internet users who communicate and understand only their native language with a view to encouraging more users to come online," Google said.

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