Looking into unauthorised digital certificates issue: Govt

Looking into unauthorised digital certificates issue: GovtNew Delhi: The government on Monday said it is looking into the matter raised by tech giants Google and Microsoft which have said that the National Informatics Centre (NIC) has issued unauthorised digital certificates.

The Controller of Certifying Authorities issues licences and regulates the working of Certifying Authorities, who issue digital certificates for electronic authentication of users.

Digital certificate is like an electronic passport that allows a person, computer or organisation to securely exchange information over the Internet.

Restricting web searches curtails freedom of expression, says Google's top lawyer

David-DrummondWashington, July 12 : Google's chief legal officer, David Drummond has explained the shortcomings of the ruling handed down by the European Union in May this year, which said that people have the right to be forgotten.

Drummond has said that the verdict given by the European Union Court of Justice contradicts the information on freedom of expression as laid down by the U. N.'s Universal Declaration on Human Rights. He also stated that the language used by the court in its verdict suggests that the removal of results has come after vague tests to ascertain whether the information is of public interest, The Verge reported.

Google bans 'sexual content' from its ad network

GoogleWashington, July 7 : Google has reportedly changed its advertisement guidelines which prohibits promotion of sexually themed sites, specifically those that feature graphic sexual acts with intent to arouse including sex acts such as masturbation.

Google set to kill word-processing app 'Quickoffice'

Google set to kill word-processing app 'Quickoffice'Washington, July 1 - Google recently announced that it is killing Quickoffice, the word-processing app for Android and iOS.

The app will no longer come preloaded on Android devices, and in the coming weeks it'll disappear from Google Play and the Apple App Store, CNET reported.

However, existing users can still use it, but Google will no longer supports it and won't push out any new updates.

Google I/O conference interrupted by 2 protesters over 'killing robots'

Google-I-OWashington, June 26 : Google's I/O conference 2014 was reportedly interrupted twice by two protesters with messages of 'killer robots' and 'develop a conscience'.

According to The Verge, an unidentified man stood up in the audience and started yelling about 'killer robots' he shouted that "You all work for a totalitarian company that builds machines that kill people.

Meanwhile, another woman began shouting when Android engineering director Dave Burke was speaking. She held up a t-shirt that read 'develop a conscience, stop Jack Halprin'.

Identity of both the protesters is not yet revealed.

Crucial security problem discovered in Google Play

Google PlayWashington, June 19 - Researchers have discovered a crucial security problem in Google Play, the official Android app store where millions of users of Android, the most popular mobile platform, get their apps.

Jason Nieh, professor of computer science at Columbia Engineering, said Google Play has more than one million apps and over 50 billion app downloads, but no one reviews what gets put into Google Play-anyone can get a 25-dollar-account and upload whatever they want. Very little is known about what's there at an aggregate level.

Google Glass will now let users see notifications just by moving their eyes

Google-GlassWashington, June 7 : A new update on Google Glass will now let users see notifications just by moving their eyes.

Normally, user has to nod or tap the touchpad to see the notification, but with the new update users can see the notification by merely moving their eyes in a direction.

Glass owners can activate the new feature by enabling the 'Notification glance" card in the device's settings, Mashable reported.

However, Google has cleared that the feature was an experiment, which may or may not make to the final product for the general public, which will reportedly be available this year.

Google Chrome topples IE to become most popular web interface in the US

Google-ChromeGoogle's internet browser Chrome has become the most popular Web interface in the US, leaving Microsoft's Internet Explorer behind.

According to CBS News, a study by software maker Adobe Systems shows Chrome with 31.8 percent of the browser market, against 30.9 percent for IE and 25 percent for Apple's Safari.

Google has gained significant amount of share in PC market, and with their large mobile presence they are strong in race to capture the mobile market too.

Google mulling launch of Android TV at I/O conference in June-end: Report

googleWashington, May 31 : World's largest internet search engine Google is reportedly planning to launch the long rumored Android TV, which would be a new crack in the home media market with more roots in its mobile OS, at the I/O developer conference at June-end.

According to TechCrunch, the Android TV platform is a software effort that will work with gadgets from OEM partners including LG and others.

The Android TV platform will bring online media services to televisions as well as Android-based gaming, the report said.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin says mistake for him to have worked on Google+

Sergey BrinWashington, May 29 : While calling himself kind of a ' weirdo ' Google co- founder Sergey Brin has said that it was probably a mistake for him to have worked on Google plus because he is not a very social person.

Brin acknowledged that he used Google+ to post pictures of his kids to his family, but suggested that any previous professional focus on the social network has been misguided.

According to The Verge, Brin said that it was probably a mistake for him to work on anything that is tangentially related to social to begin with.

Google releases disappointing diversity record with regard to hiring women, minorities

GoogleWashington, May 29 : Tech giant Google has admitted to a disappointing diversity record which shows a mere 17 percent female employees.

According to CNET, Google on Wednesday publicly released data on the diversity of its workforce for the first time and admitted it was disappointed with its record for hiring women, African-Americans, and Hispanics.

Women comprise 30 percent of the Web giant's overall global workforce but make up only 17 percent of those employed in technology capacity, according to data published by the company Wednesday.

When it came to leadership positions, men outnumbered women by nearly 4 to 1, the report said.

Tech giants contend for transparency following US govt gag orders

Google-Facebook-Microsoft-YahooWashington, May 25 : High profile tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo have contended for transparency against the US government gag orders that forbid them from revealing the kind of national security information they receive.

The companies wrote in a brief that the government sought to participate in public debate over its use of the NSL statute and it must provide accessibility to the companies to offer an informed viewpoint in that debate.

Google joins Instagram

instagramWashington, May 20 - Google has opened up an Instagram account.

Google announced it has joined the photo-sharing app with a short video of spinning Rubik's Cube doodle.

According to the Verge, it only has the one post so far, but it's following accounts for YouTube, Google Maps, and Google Glass.

The new account is just another advertising vehicle for Google, it also has accounts on Facebook and Twitter . (ANI)

Google says could take several weeks to honour people's requests to be 'forgotten'

GoogleJohannesburg, May 18 : Google has reportedly said that it could take several weeks to figure a way to comply with a European Court of Justice ruling that it honour people's requests to be "forgotten".

According to News 24, the EU's top court ruled on Tuesday that individuals have the right to ask the US internet giant to delete personal data and "be forgotten" online under certain circumstances when their personal data becomes outdated or inaccurate

Apple, Google settle impending Motorola Mobility lawsuit

apple-googleWashington, May 18 : Smartphone companies Apple and Google have finally settled their long impending Motorola Mobility lawsuit against each other.

The two companies revealed in their joint statement that although they would dissolve all existing lawsuits and work together in a patent reform, they would not agree to any cross-licensing patent agreement that would indicate 'larger' peace between them.

According to the Verge, the battle involved Apple and several other Android companies when it got heightened with Google claiming to buy Motorola Mobility for 12.5 million dollars in 2011.

Fashion bigshot Ivy Ross appointed as head of Google Glass

Ivy-RossWashington, May 17 : Google has reportedly appointed Ivy Ross, the former chief marketing officer of Art. com, as head of Google Glass.

Ross has worked for fashion pioneers such as Calvin Klein, Coach, and Gap.

According to CNET, Ross issued an open letter Friday morning, announcing her plans to join Google on Monday.

Ross thinks that technology should be something that let people live the moment, rather than taking them away from those moments.

Recently, Google made the Glass available for all at 1500 dollars, the report added. (ANI)

Google Glass now available for all in US

Google-GlassWashington, May 14 : Grabbing a piece of Google Glass has just become a bit easier as the company opened the online sale of its wearable computer device for all with $1,500 (about Rs. 90,000) in the US Wednesday.

Until now, anyone who wished to “explore” the eyewear device required an invite or a referral from a friend.

Google first offered the product to a few chosen “Explorers” last year.

The Glass, that can be worn like a normal pair of sunglasses, consists of a tiny screen in front of the right eye, a battery, a frame, a touch-sensitive panel and a camera.

Coming, money transfer via Google Glass!

Google-GlassCalifornia, May 6 : With Google Glass eyewear, soon send money to your friends and relatives in a jiffy.

You just need a few gestures and a voice command.

According to the TechCrunch website, Google is planning to debut Google Wallet on Google Glass.

If this is true, as reports say internal testings are one, you can make mobile payments from within the Wallet app by simply saying "send money".

Google would charge a 2.9 percent fee for the transactions, the website added.

Google has worked to revamp Wallet over the past couple of years.

$1500 Google Glass actually a $80 device?

Google-GlassCalifornia, May 2 : Looking forward to spend $1,500 (Rs. 90,000) to buy your set of Google Glass soon? This information may shock you that it takes electronic components worth a mere $80 (Rs. 4,800) to develop one eyewear device!

According to the website teardown. com, researchers looked into one of the Glass prototype and revealed what goes into making Google Glass.

They found the single most expensive part inside Glass is a Texas Instruments 'OMAP 4430' applications processor, costing $13.96 (Rs. 800).

There is also a $5.66 camera, a $3 display, and 16GB of flash memory from Toshiba for $8.18.

Google Glass is your neighbourhood surgeon!

Google Glass is your neighbourhood surgeon!New York, April 21 : Using the wearable eyewear Google Glass, doctors in the US saved the life of a patient - opening up a possibility for the device to become an integral part of medical care.

Wearing Google Glass, doctors at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre in Boston, Massachusetts were able to give the patient correct dose of medication within time.

The patient, who had a severe brain bleed, had given an incorrect history to doctors.

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