Coca-Cola dumps 'sexist' milk ads with 'nude' women for National campaign following flak

Coca-ColaWashington, Dec 03 : Coca-Cola has recently stated that they will not use the latest milk ads with nude women, which was criticized as " sexist" by the consumers, for their National campaign.

The company published on their website that these ads were part of a test launch that ended in June, E! Online reported.

It was mentioned that in June, they concluded two test markets in Denver and Minneapolis, which allowed fairlife to learn what was working and what they needed to improve for the upcoming national launch.

It further continued that the "pin-ups" advertising might have been eye-catching, but they are taking a totally new approach with all new packaging and advertising.

Fairlife released a series of ads that featured naked women posing as pin-up girls with nothing but milk covering their personal parts. One even had a woman standing on the scale. (ANI)