Check your emails on mobile for free with

Adroit Claretdene Infotech has finally announced the launch of a new mobile email solution - email@mobile through out the world.

email@mobile is the first solution of its kind which allows users to register for new email ID through a mobile phone. The latest solution will allow worldwide mobile users to own a free mobile email ID which shall be accessed over any ordinary mobile phone capable of internet browsing.

With the introduction of email@mobile solution, users can now read text/ attachments, reply or compose new email, delete or send email, set up address book and avail other features of any web-mail program - from a basic mobile handset.

To use the service, users neither have to buy any smartphone/PDA nor install any software on their mobile phone. All that is required is a mobile phone capable of internet browsing.

Users can now use their existing mobile phone with WAP 1.2 & above browser to wirelessly access their new e-mail box as well as register for new email ID through their basic mobile phone.

At present, few companies are providing similar email solutions, but they are charging device compatibility and monthly subscription charges. But with the introduction of email@mobile, users can now check their emails for free and save a lot of money.

Users can sign up for this free solution at over a web browser or using a mobile browser on their mobile phones.

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