Calcium Reduces Bone Loss In 50-Plus People

A report released in ‘The Lancet’ revealed that intake of calcium supplements in addition to vitamin D, radically lessens the risk of breaking a bone in people over 50.

In the current study, researchers analyzed 17 studies involving over 50,000 people over the age of 50 who were treated with calcium supplementations only or together with vitamin D. Vitamin D assists the body take up calcium that is very important to bone development and repair.

The researchers found that in people who took supplements, the overall rate of bone cracking was 12% lesser and 24% lower when the drugging regiment was closely followed. In addition, calcium dosages more than 1200 mg and vitamin D quantities of 800 IU were more effectual than lower doses. Lastly, the benefit was greatest in the aged, those who had a low bodyweight, had low dietary calcium consumption, or were normally at advanced risk of cracking.

In a separate study part, the investigators reexamined 23 studies and determined that calcium supplementation alone, or in conjunction with vitamin D, is useful at abbreviating the loss of bone loss at the hip- as appraised by a examination known as bone mineral density.

Those who are not taking enough calcium in their diet, or at high risk of developing osteoporosis, should discuss with their medical doctor about adding calcium and vitamin D supplements to their normal diet. It is also necessary to avoid smoking, and engage in weight-bearing exercises to strengthen bones and improve muscle strength.