Caesars temporary casino in Danville generates more than $125M in revenue

Caesars temporary casino in Danville generates more than $125M in revenue

As the current year is all set to conclude, the resounding success of Caesars' temporary casino in Danville, Virginia, is echoing loudly. Since its grand opening in May, the temporary gambling-friendly property has proven to be a great success in terms of revenue generation as it has amassed more than $125 million in gaming revenue and contributed millions of dollars in tax revenue to the city government's coffers.

According to the newly-released stats, Caesars’ temporary casino in Danville has generated $125.4 million in gaming revenue since the month of May this year, and contributed $7.5 million to the local government’s coffers in the form of tax. These figures haven’t only surpassed expectations but have also underscored the property’s ability to deliver a top-notch gaming experience even in its temporary avatar.

Chris Albrecht, General Manager (GM) for Caesars Virginia, expressed his satisfaction over the property’s performance, noting that the success came even without the full range of offerings. He stressed that the temporary casino hasn’t only met but exceeded expectations of customers, fostering a loyal clientele base eager to visit the property for the exceptional experience provided by the dedicated team.

Speaking on the topic, Albrecht said, “It was hard to tell what you’ll be able to do without all of your full offerings. What it’s been able to show is that our customers enjoy the experience we’re providing them. That’s had them coming back to see us more and more even in a temporary structure because we’re providing a great experience.”

The success story of the establishment extends beyond revenue generation, and the temporary casino has become a training ground for its staff, equipping them with the skills essential for casino operations, from managing table games to handling jackpots. The positive customer service experience cultivated at the temporary establishment is expected to impeccably transition to the permanent casino, guaranteeing a continuation of excellence.

Looking ahead, the temporary gambling-friendly property in Danville will gracefully make way for progress, transforming into additional parking space once the permanent casino is opened to gambling and hospitality enthusiasts. The upcoming permanent casino boasts an impressive lineup, featuring as many as 1,400 slot machines, 320-room hotel tower, more than half a dozen restaurants, a state-of-the-art pool, and more. As per Albrecht’s claims, the project remains on track, with the permanent casino slated for completion by late 2024.

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